5 Things you may want to know before moving to Romania

Are you planning to move to Romania anytime soon? If so, then it is important to be well-informed about this country before making any decision. Here are 5 things you may want to know before moving to Romania.
know before moving to Romania

1. Romania has a traditional cuisine rich in “heavy” food

If you are a gourmand, then you will definitely fall in love with Romanian traditional dishes. Otherwise, if you prefer vegetarian food, you may have a hard time eating in Romanian traditional restaurants. Romania has a traditional cuisine with plenty of heavy dishes, but otherwise super tasty.

Most of them are prepared from animal products, cheese, and milk. In most restaurants, you will find a wide range of traditional dishes such as:

  • Sarmale (this is one of the most famous traditional Romanian dishes), served with sour cream and polenta;
  • Mici – this dish is made of grilled minced pork meat served with mustard and white bread;
  • Ciorbă – there is a wide variety of this one;
  • Cooked foods made of rice, cabbage, mushrooms, and potatoes;
  • Papanași – this is a very popular dessert in Romania. It includes doughnuts with sour cream and jam. Other traditional desserts include cozonac (a specific cake with nuts and cocoa inside) and plăcintă (pie – with cheese, apple, pumpkin, etc.).

Also, it is sometimes hard to find special or vegan food in Romanian supermarkets, especially in the smaller cities. For example, if you follow a special gluten-free regime, it may get difficult to find gluten-free products in all supermarkets.

This is information you may want to know before moving to Romania, and that’s because many people can’t adapt in certain countries from this point of view. Get well-informed, and you will make the best decisions for you.

2. Nightlife in big cities is super vibrant

If you are a party lover, then Romania is an excellent choice from this point of view. Romanians like to party a lot. If you move to Bucharest, then you will have the chance to go out and party until morning in some of the most vibrant clubs in the entire country. It is important to know that clubs are quite expensive in Bucharest. Most of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs can be found in the city’s old center.

Old town, in Bucharest

You can either get there by car, by taxi, or by metro. On every street of the Old Town there are tons of bars and restaurants. During weekends the old center is full of people. Some of these locations are expensive, whereas others are very cheap.

You must know before moving to Romania that the nightlife here is vibrant and exciting, especially in the big cities such as Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Cluj, and Timisoara.

Also, you may want to know that Romanians in general like to organize parties at home, so don’t be surprised if your neighbor may invite people over and play music loud during weekends.

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3. Stunning wild places to visit with great landscapes

Romania is a very beautiful country with a lot of wonderful wild places. There is something for everyone. There are mountains, beaches, historical places, rivers, waterfalls, and much more. Plus, you will certainly fall in love with the villages and the fields which look so rural and traditional.

A very interesting thing about these villages is that the people from there can do almost anything by hand, including the labour in the field. There is no doubt that this country has been blessed with one diversified land. Romania has a diverse geographic frame and lots of places worth visiting. Here is what you must not miss:

All in all, this is an aspect you should know before moving to Romania: what this country actually has to offer in terms of travel and places to visit. Choose a location that will meet all your needs and you will certainly integrate easily and quickly as well.

4. The internet is super cheap and fast

Well, a great advantage of moving to Romania is that you would not need to pay too much money for a good internet connection. This service is super cheap here. In fact, it is cheaper than in most countries in Europe. Plus, the network as well as the connectivity are high-quality. The internet simply works like magic.

This is not everything, because you can also find free Wi-Fi in almost every location, whether it is a bar, restaurant, café, library, and so on. In other countries, the internet is not only very expensive, but also very low-quality. Moreover, you don’t find free Wi-Fi in too many places. In Romania, you can just take your laptop and work while you enjoy a delicious coffee in a lovely café.

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5. The seaside is fantastic

When it comes to the seaside, we can say that Romanians do know how to have fun. There is actually a nonstop party until the summer is over. It all starts in May when there is a tradition to go to the seaside and celebrate the beginning of summer. The 1st of May is absolutely crazy.

If going to the seaside on the 1st of May, you must book a place to stay in advance, because almost everything will be already booked. There are lots of bars and nightclubs, and the entire place is crowded and crazy. The seaside in Romania is definitely perfect for party lovers. Don’t think about going there and relax because you will not be able to do that.

A beach club in Mamaia resort

There are many touristic villages all along the seaside. Some of the are quite fancy, whereas others are more casual and basic. In the summertime, the capital moves to the seaside. There are plenty of people who go there only for the weekend. However, one thing is sure, Romanians know how to party.

Want to share your list of things people should know before moving to Romania? Post your comment below.

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