Are you planning to move to Romania anytime soon? If so, then it is important to be well-informed about this country before making any decision. Here are 5 things you may want to know before moving to Romania:

1. Romania has a traditional cuisine rich in “heavy” food

If you are a gourmand, then you will definitely fall in love with Romanian traditional dishes. Otherwise, if you prefer vegetarian food, you may have a hard time eating in Romanian traditional restaurants. Romania has a traditional cuisine with plenty of heavy dishes, but otherwise super tasty.

Most of them are prepared from animal products, cheese, and milk. In most restaurants, you will find a wide range of traditional dishes such as:

  • Sarmale (this is one of the most famous traditional Romanian dishes), served with sour cream and polenta;
  • Mici – this dish is made of grilled minced pork meat served with mustard and white bread;
  • Ciorbă – there is a wide variety of this one;
  • Cooked foods made of rice, cabbage, mushrooms, and potatoes;
  • Papanași – this is a very popular dessert in Romania. It includes doughnuts with sour cream and jam. Other traditional desserts include cozonac (a specific cake with nuts and cocoa inside) and plăcintă (pie – with cheese, apple, pumpkin, etc.).

Also, it is sometimes hard to find special or vegan food in Romanian supermarkets, especially in the smaller cities. For example, if you follow a special gluten-free regime, it may get difficult to find gluten-free products in all supermarkets.

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