Don’t know where to spend a memorable weekend night out with friends in Bucharest? Would like to go out for a drink (or two) but have no clue where where is the best place to party in Bucharest?

Well, in this article we have made a list of a few famous clubs in Bucharest where you can have fun and experience the Romanian party style. Depending on your mood, or what you prefer most, each one of these places offers you unforgettable experiences: good music, fun with friends, good drinks, and Romanian authentic atmosphere.

Given the current pandemic period however, when planning your party night, we recommend you check whether or not the club is open, as well as the COVID access rules they apply.

Fire Club

Fire Club in Bucharest is a music club with a long tradition in parties. The club is located in the historic center of the city, and has become famous among young people ever since 2000. It was a place where non-commercial music or, let’s say, “not accepted” by other clubs in Bucharest for commercial reasons, came to life for the first time in Bucharest.

I guess we are not wrong to say that Fire Club is an innovative underground music club where famous bands such as Paraziții (in English: Parasites), OCS and Nightlosers arrived. Here you can also spend an evening with friends watching the most important football matches. You can check on their website the days when they organize sports broadcasts.



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