Famous clubs in Bucharest – where can you have great time with friends?

Don't know where to spend a memorable weekend night out with friends in Bucharest? Would like to go out for a drink (or two) but have no clue where where is the best place to party in Bucharest?
famous clubs in Bucharest

Well, in this article we have made a list of a few famous clubs in Bucharest where you can have fun and experience the Romanian party style. Depending on your mood, or what you prefer most, each one of these places offers you unforgettable experiences: good music, fun with friends, good drinks, and Romanian authentic atmosphere.

Given the current pandemic period however, when planning your party night, we recommend you check whether or not the club is open, as well as the COVID access rules they apply.

Fire Club

Fire Club in Bucharest is a music club with a long tradition in parties. The club is located in the historic center of the city, and has become famous among young people ever since 2000. It was a place where non-commercial music or, let’s say, “not accepted” by other clubs in Bucharest for commercial reasons, came to life for the first time in Bucharest.

I guess we are not wrong to say that Fire Club is an innovative underground music club where famous bands such as Paraziții (in English: Parasites), OCS and Nightlosers arrived. Here you can also spend an evening with friends watching the most important football matches. You can check on their website the days when they organize sports broadcasts.

From here you will also leave with the memory of quality drinks and carefully prepared food.

You can find them on Covaci street no. 7, in the Lipscani area (Old Town).

Berăria H (H Brewery)

Not a classic nightclub in Bucharest, but a place where you can experience Romanian music, dancing, good atmosphere and good beer. Among the first places that come to mind when you plan to party and serve tasty food in Bucharest is Berăria H (translated in English: “H Brewery”).

Considered one of the largest brewery, restaurant and dancing club in Eastern Europe, H Brewery is the perfect place to come to listen to your favorite Romanian and international artists, and eat the tastiest dishes and drinks. It is at the top of the list of famous clubs in Bucharest where you enjoy not only music and food, but also various shows and activities, to make sure you do not get bored.

Berăria H is located in Herăstrău Park, and you can access it via Kiseleff Boulevard, no. 32 (located in Pavilion H).

Mojo Music Club

Feel like a karaoke night? Or maybe a live concert?

In the list of famous clubs in Bucharest where you can have fun with friends we must also mention Mojo Music Club. And it’s not just about music, but if you want to see the most important football matches with the boys, here is the best location. You can find specialty drinks so that any activity in this place you choose will be a unique experience

Here you will find karaoke upstairs, sports broadcasts on the ground floor and live music and concerts in the basement.

You can find Mojo Music Club on Gabroveni street 14, in Bucharest.

Beluga Music & Cocktails

If you like nightlife and many decibels, this club is for you. It is positioned right in the center of Bucharest, on Lipscani no. 30-34, so very easy to find.

What will you find here?

Live music, famous artists and fun all night long. Come with friends and choose one of the 3 areas: VIP, bar or standard area. From its inception until now, many artists and DJs have colored the nights of young people with good music and a party atmosphere. Here you can also organize private or corporate parties.

Club A

Opened even since the communist period, Club A is the club of young students, who come here for rock and folk concerts and for film and theater evenings.

It is a place with a long history, which had the courage to stand out in those times of restrictions.
Here drinks are the order of the day and the dance is stopped only when you decide to leave.

Fabrica Club

Fabrica Club (translated in English: “Factory Club”) is recognized in Bucharest as a super music location.
Every weekend (sometimes even during the week) the club organizes music events, parties, rock concerts, hip-hop, electro and many other.

You can find the club on: Strada 11 iunie, nr. 50, Bucharest, Romania.

Beat of Angels (BOA)

Without any doubt, we are the best club on the Bucharest nightlife scene. We found the perfect party recipe: dance, show, music and best prices.

We are based in the most exclusive part of the city and we are famous for our luxurious nightclub experience and as well for our international clientele. The glamorous style, the top music and entertainment together with the art lighting design and a state of the art sound system, creates an extraordinary sensorial experience and nightlife atmosphere.

BOA is located very close to Berăria H (in the same Herăstrău Park, on same boulevard – Kiseleff no. 32), so you could enjoy both clubs in the same night.


A club that you can find not only in Bucharest, but also in Constanța, Mamaia, Timișoara and Iași. Also a nightclub, national artists such as Delia, Carla’s Dreams and other well-known bands often perform here.

Music, people and drinks differentiate Fratelli from any other nightclub in Bucharest.

Originally a coffee shop, Fratelli has now developed into a club with locations throughout the country.
It is a 100% Romanian business, in case you thought of supporting local entrepreneurs.

The list of my famous clubs in Bucharest ends here. I hope I have given you at least a few ideas for spending your weekend with friends.

Enjoy life and try as many activities as you can while living in Romania as an expat!

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