The citadel of Brașov – best and must-see sights

Brașov is the favorite holiday destination in Romania for thousands of tourists every year due to the tourist objectives that the city offers.
citadel of Brașov

It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and fortunately, regardless of the season, Brașov offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fun. If you arrive in Brașov, then you must complete your list of tourist attractions in The Citadel of Brașov with the ones presented below.

1. The Fortress of Brașov

The Fortress of Braşov, located on the Strajă hill, outside the city’s fortifications, was used most of the time as a prison or hospital, as well as a place to defend the city.

At Cetăţuie, as is called, you can reach either by climbing the steps behind the Art High School or by snaking on the street on which you can get by car. The view over the city, the Tâmpa peak and the other peaks in the surroundings is very beautiful, and the terrace that surrounds the city is a veritable vantage point. Inside the Fortress of Braşov there are three special places for admiring and photographing the city, and also a restaurant.

The fortress has a quadrangle shape, with Italian style bastions in each corner that leans over the defense towers. The fortress had as access way a single entrance that was made through a mobile bridge. The fortress served as a shelter for the people of Brașov who had to flee from the Habsburgs.

The fortress is like a labyrinth of streets quite small in number, but enough to give it a special charm. It has a restaurant in the center, where you can have a good meal and drink a tasty coffee. A very beautiful place is also the terrace overlooking the Black Church.

2. Merchants’s House – also known as “Hirscher House”

With an exceptional architecture, the Merchants’House dates back to the middle of the 16th century, when, at that time, it was the place where traders gathered and sold their goods. Subsequently, the Merchants’ House became a touristic complex, and is now one of the most important tourist objectives of the The Citadel of Brașov, frequently visited by tourists from all over the world.

The building is spectacular because it’s over 65 meters long and consists of two separate pavilions and an interior courtyard.

3. The Black Church – symbol of the Citadel of Brașov

The Black Church bears this name because in 1689, due to a fire that encompassed the entire city, much of the church set on fire. Initially, the place bore the name of the Feast of Saint Mary, but later on the new name was publicly accepted.

The church is one of the representative tourist objectives of the city of Brașov. It is the largest sacred building in Romania and has the largest collection of oriental carpets in Europe. Also, on top of its tower there is the largest bell in Romania, with a weight of about 6,000 kg.

For more interesting information about the Black Church, you can also read: Why is the Black Church in Brașov so visited? – 5 things to know.

4. Rope Street – the narrowest street in Europe

Rope Street has become one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Citadel of Brașov in recent years. It is recognized worldwide as the narrowest street in Europe and is a few centuries old.

Rope Street has been used for many years as a link between Porta Schei street and Cerbului street, firefighters were passing through here to arrive faster in case of a fire in Schei. Rope Street from Brașov has a length of 80 meters and a width that varies between 111 cm and 135 cm.

How to get to Brașov

Brașov city is located in the center of the country, in Brașov Depression, only 161 km away from Bucharest. It is accessible by car / bus or train. You can rent a car from Bucharest and drive 186 km along the DN1 road between two or three hours depending on traffic.

By train – if driving is not really your passion, then you can take the train from Bucharest to Brasov. The train leaves from the main station in Bucharest called Gara de Nord, in translation: Northern Train Station and it takes around 2.5 hours and it costs about £10 per person (one-way). The Hotels in the Citadel of Brașov are usually high quality and there are a lot of options to suit any type of requirement, from all-inclusive, big and luxury hotels to smaller romantic rooms and also for lower budgets.

If you stay in Brașov, you may also want to visit Poiana Brașov, a famous mountain resort which is approximately 15 km away from Brașov. You can reach the resort by bus or by car. You can do a lot of interesting activities in the resort, such as skiing, mountain hiking or climbing, mountain biking, horse riding, or going up on the highest peek in the area by cable car.

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