If you’re an expat in Romania, or planning to move or have just moved to Romania for a period longer than just a few weeks of vacation, then you may want to read this article. I am trying to provide here some helpful tips on what kind of behavior you would rather want to avoid as an expat in Romania, to help yourself with a good move and integration here.

Life in Romania is not always with milk and honey, but I guess this applies to anybody living in any country as an expat. It’s a different culture, different people, so along the way it can get uncomfortable, and you may feel uneasy sometimes. You may even start cursing the idea of moving abroad, and asking yourself if moving to Romania was a good decision for yourself. Would it have been better if I had stayed living back home?

But the first thing you have to understand is that living as an expat in Romania is not, and will never be the same as living in your home country. This is the first thing you would need to get your head around, so you can realize that, after all, making a good life in your new country is not so difficult. And it can even be a lot of fun along the way.

I moved to Romania more than five years ago, and since then I have been witness to many mistakes that expats do, which doesn’t really help them in integrating locally. Some of them I also used to do, so maybe it is because of this that I can observe a lot of mistakes that I see now at other fellow expatriates.

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