Dividend tax calculator for Romania

Quickly determine your Romanian tax liability on your dividend income. Our calculator is easy to use and provides accurate results based on your specific tax situation.
dividend tax calculator
dividend tax calculator

Use our dividend tax calculator for Romania to determine your due taxes and the annual net income.

Dividend tax calculator – 2022

Insert below the gross dividend income and the tax paid in the source country (if any), then tap/click outside the boxes.


Coordinates for the 2022 calculator are:

  • Income tax due: 5% calculated on the gross taxable income;
  • For 2022, the health insurance contribution (CASS) is due for dividend income only if the annual taxable income (added up with other types of income – other than salary, if applicable) is at least equal to 30,600 Lei (12 minimum gross wages per economy);
  • No other taxes are due on dividend income for 2022, apart from the income tax and the health insurance contribution (CASS).

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