Rental income tax calculator for Romania

Calculate the Romanian income tax, and the health insurance contribution due for your rental income, according to the Romanian tax legislation in force.
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Just enter the amount of the monthly rent and the currency of the rent established as per the contract, and the application will automatically calculate your annual taxes due, and the net income in hand.

Rental income tax calculator – 2022

Insert amount of the monthly rent and the currency of the rent, then tap/click outside the boxes.

Coordinates for the 2022 calculator are:

  • Taxation is done based on lump-sum expense deduction system, as per the provisions of the Romanian Tax Code for 2022;
  • health insurance contribution (CASS) is due on the rental income only if the annual taxable net income (added up with other types of income, if applicable) is at least equal to 30,600 Lei (12 minimum gross national wages);
  • health insurance contribution (CASS) is due even if you already pay it as an employee.

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The rental income tax calculator on this page is meant to provide you with general income and tax calculation guidance for Romania. It applies the taxation rules according to the provisions of the current Romanian tax legislation. Nevertheless, they do not take into account all specific cases. For clarifying any specific cases, please contact a tax advisor.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for this useful tax calculator! I have one question, if you could help: is there a certain tax exemption that can apply for rental income in Romania, such as a non-taxable income threshold? Or is the income taxable irrespective of the level of income?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hello Gyorgy,

      Thank you for find our calculator useful! With regard to your question, there isn’t any non-taxable income threshold that can apply to rental income. As a general rule, if you generate any level of rental income, that income is subject to tax.


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