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Compară costuri salariale

Estimate and compare salary costs for your business, fast and easily

Estimate or compare salary costs in the easiest way possible. Are you planning to grant salary increases or annual bonuses? Or maybe Christmas and Easter gifts? Budget your meal vouchers cost or see how salary expenses affect your annual budgets. Calculate salary taxes and determine the costs for each option. Find the scenario that fits your budget and keep costs under control.

The calculator below determines and compares salary costs for the following scenarios:

  • Annual bonus or salary increase


  • Granting Easter or Christmas gifts

Coordinates for the calculations are as follow:

  • The calculations are done in Romanian Lei (RON)
  • The period considered for the calculations is 1 calendar year

Coordinates for the calculation are as follow:

  • The calculation is done in Romanian Lei (RON)
  • The maximum value of a meal ticket is set at 20.01 Lei (according to the legislation currently in force)
  • The period considered for the calculation is 1 calendar year
  • The number of working days in a calendar year for which meal vouchers can be granted was estimated at 237

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Our calculation solutions are useful for both employers and employees, for determining the salary costs related to granting certain types of benefits.


The above calculators are intended to provide general cost guidance for certain categories of salary benefits. They apply calculation rules for salary taxes according to the latest taxation rules of the Romanian legislation. However, the calculators do not take into account absolutely all the specific situations that may arise in practice. We cannot be held responsible for any calculation differences that may arise in practice.

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