You probably often wonder what benefits do Romanian employees really want, in addition to salary? And how can you increase their productivity by stimulating them with extra-salary benefits?

A recent study conducted by eJobs Romania shows that, in addition to the classic meal vouchers or private health insurance, the expectations of employees in Romania, or of candidates for a job, have changed in the last year.

“The data of the study showed that the pandemic did not extremely change the structure of the extra-salary packages, but it had a stronger impact rather in terms of the way candidates and employees relate to them. More exactly, 73% of respondents tell us that the benefits they receive have remained unchanged, 22% that they have been reduced, and 5% have received new benefits.

However, for more than half of the respondents, this type of benefits has become more important in the last year than in the past “, said Bogdan Badea, CEO of eJobs Romania.

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