How to become a digital nomad in Romania – things to know from the very beginning

Many people say Romania is a special country. So, if you like working and traveling in the same time, and are interested in discovering all the special and historical places in this country, we describe below the important things you need to know to become a digital nomad in Romania.
digital nomad in Romania

If you feel like a job in the same place could make you feel uncomfortable, and if you like having a flexible and independent schedule, then the life of a digital nomad might be the ideal solution for you.

But let’s start with the basic things:

What is a digital nomad?

Being a digital nomad means working and supporting yourself financially from a business that you run 100% online. Every penny and every contract is managed through the internet.

A digital nomad has a job that allows one to work remotely, from anywhere, with a single condition: having an internet connection available. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? If you are a freelancer already, with all the digital solutions available today, you can make this step much easier towards your online dream job.

But would anyone be able to work remotely from Romania, irrespective of their nationality? Well, it seems in 2022 is easier for anyone to do it, of course with certain conditions that apply.

Becoming a digital nomad in Romania – a viable option for any foreign national

More exactly, in the current global work environment, in which the possibility to work remotely is a viable option for any employees, Romanian authorities also implemented specific legislative measures in 2022 to accommodate possibility for foreign citizens to work as digital nomads from Romania.

Actually what the Romanian government is looking to do with this measure, is to make it easier for non-EU nationals, from an immigration perspective, to work remotely from Romania.

This entails a specific type of visa (long-term visa) for which foreign citizens must fulfil an application procedure for becoming a digital nomad in Romania. The long stay visa can be applied for by any foreigner (from outside the EU area) who:

  • is either employed by a company registered outside of Romania (but is rendering the employment activities from Romania)


  • owns a company (is one of the company’s shareholders) registered outside of Romania, and provided that his/her activity within that company (as employee or otherwise) can be performed remotely.

In both of the cases above, the foreign individual must be able to render his/her activity remotely, by using the information and communication technology means.

In addition to the conditions described above, a foreign national that wants to apply for the Romanian digital nomad long stay visa must have available minimum financial means of support. This must be obtained from the activity carried out as digital nomad.

Proof of the financial means must be done in the minimum amount of 3 Romanian average gross monthly wages, for each of the 6 months prior to the date of visa application, as well as for the entire period of the visa’s availability. More precisely, this would mean one would have to prove available financial means of subsistence in the minimum amount of a monthly income of approximately 3,700 euros.

To obtain the visa, a foreign individual must submit the application to the Romanian consular section from the country of his/her residence or domicile.

How to become a digital nomad? Important aspects to take care of, if you want to succeed

If you want to become a successful digital nomad in Romania, you have to ensure the following:

  • Make sure anyone can contact you

This may seem simple in the current fully digitized world, but if you work from remote places in the mountains or from one of the beautiful wild beaches on the Romanian seaside, you will need good internet and phone signal to contact or be contacted by potential customers. You need to be able to connect immediately, as you need and when you need, to solve important issues.

So, make sure you invest in good mobile internet data subscription, ensure you can easily set up a hotspot to have a constant internet signal. It isn’t pleasant being unable to solve a task on time due to technical problems.

Some good ranking online ads will help you find client projects continuously. The most popular sites for freelancers are Fiverr or Upwork, but there are many others, and you can also run Google ad campaigns through which potential customers can find you.

  • Plan your projects well, at least at start of each week

As digital nomad it is important to be very well organized and to plan all your projects ahead of time. Whether we’re talking about delivering projects or making arrangements for your next working locations, you have to be well organized. This will help you reduce the feeling of isolation and be productive anywhere, anytime.

So, if you want to sell everything you own and start a new life, to live freely and travel to the most beautiful places in Romania, you should plan everything very carefully in advance. Your work schedule should also be planned and sustainable along the way.

  • Develop a strong entrepreneurial spirit

You need to be comfortable to work and express the best of you in any environment that might distract you – beautiful scenery, new cities or people, noise – and possess the skills that strengthen your flexibility.

In short, the attributes you must develop are:

  • Discipline
  • Effective time management
  • Managing of finances

If you are ambitious, resourceful and like to be organized and in control of your life, then becoming a digital nomad may be a great fit for you. As digital nomad in Romania, you would have the opportunity to travel to many historical, incredible places that you will be proud of. Once you get the taste of the nomad lifestyle, it will be quite difficult for you to give it up, and may eventually consider it a dream job.

Are already working as digital nomad from Romania and would like to share your experience with other expats? Just post your thoughts below.

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