Romanian work habits you should be aware of – try to avoid them!

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Romanian work habits

We all have bad or harmful habits, that is a well known truth, isn’t it? And while a bad habit alone may not be the end of the world, and can often be overlooked by your boss, the cumulative effect of repeated behaviors can be costly to your long-term career.

Like in other countries as well, many of the Romanian employees have some bad habits that, in the long run, can become irritating or can even cost them their career. We identify in this article 5 bad Romanian work habits that you should be aware of when starting a new job in Romania.

We certainly may not have identified all of them here, but you may discover the most important ones that will help you at work.

1. Arriving late at work

It happens to all of us, I guess, to get stuck in traffic or to have to return home for important things we left behind. But when this behavior becomes a habit, it will not be easily overlooked at work.

Constant and especially voluntary delays will soon lead to sanctions from work superiors, or at least may lead to a decrease in level of trust and respect of your colleagues towards you. Whether you intend to go to work late or not, it is a lack of respect for social behavior in the office, but also for colleagues who make the effort to arrive on time, ”explains Dr. Katherine Brooks.

So, be aware of this behavior in your workplace, and try to avoid it yourself.

2. Performing tasks superficially

When you are paid for the hours you spend at work, and not for the results you bring, you will tend to perform your tasks superficially. This is one of the well-known bad Romanian work habits, and can be spotted in the behavior of many employees in your office.

The best reason for you to avoid such habit is the chance of promotion that you can miss.

Any evidence of professionalism in the workplace can be observed and rewarded accordingly by superiors. Work as much as you need and even more, and you will only get positive results out of it.

3. Discontent

Certainly each of us had at least one eternally grumpy and dissatisfied colleague. This type of employee is not only refusing to work extra, but will also be the first to complain or speak in a wrong way about the company in which he works.

As an employer, you need to pay attention to these types of people starting from the hiring interview. They will constantly create problems for you and will not bring value to your business, as they may say in the beginning.

Gossipers and dissidents rarely get too far. Wherever you are employed, you should maintain a positive attitude, even if things look bad at a certain moment.

This is a trait of successful people. Address all problems with confidence, knowing they can be overcome.

4. Failure to comply with the company’s internal staff ranking

Among the bad Romanian work habits in the office is the eternal dispute about “who is on the highest staff level?” “Who is the most important in the company?”, etc.

In addition to the clear hierarchy and the duties specifically designated in the job description, some employees tend to “dictate” responsibilities to other employees, without being expressly required to do so.

This creates tensions between employees, which can cause problems for the entire business.

If you work in a Romanian company, learn to avoid these situations and report such abuses, if you think they are exceeding the limits. On the other side, as an employer, you have the responsibility to constantly check for such situations among your employees. Also, try to determine even from the job interview the type of personality you hire in the team, and always remain open to staff complaints.

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5. Not admitting they don’t know how to do a task

Let’s face it: some managers don’t know how to communicate and don’t always give clear directions on how to accomplish a task. Or maybe they mistakenly think their staff already have the skills to do any type of job.

Having the courage to say you’re not sure how to accomplish the task (or don’t understand it) is a sign of strength, and not a sign of weakness.

After all, you can’t expect to have all the answers, all the time. Tell the manager you don’t understand. You will avoid costly mistakes and embarrassment.

Other Romanian work habits manifested by employees

Whether you like it or not, there are certain rules of behavior in every office. And violating them could cause you problems in your career.

In addition to the 5 habits listed above, we can also include: spreading gossip, sexist actions, ugly language, mastering the merit of other people’s work, arrogance, not learning from their own mistakes, apathy and the constant need to be the center of attention.

Any other types of bad habits, such as procrastination, disorganization, wasting time, or delaying replying to emails, will annoy your bosses and colleagues.

You don’t want to be the person who is labeled as having bad work habits, because you will be the first to be blamed when a project fails.

Rick Myers, founder and CEO of Talent Zoo, a site for marketing, advertising and digital professionals, agrees that bad habits can ruin someone’s career – but he says that “the worst part is that people rarely realize that they manifest these habits. “One of the best tips to give to someone who wants to advance in a company is to become more self-aware and be sure to practice habits that will be valuable to that company,” he says.

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