• This one is from last year, really beautiful!

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  • Sharing with you some beautiful photos of Peleș Castle in Sinaia. One of the most beautiful castles I visited in Romania.

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  • Romanian companies who pay their employees with significant delay will be fined

    Starting today, Romanian companies who do not pay their employees’ salaries on time, and exceed by more than a month the salary payment deadline internally agreed, can be sanctioned with a fine between 5,000 RON and 10,000 RON for each employee paid with delay.

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    Romanian tax authorities (ANAF) warn about false e-mails sent on their behalf. People who receive e-mails on behalf of ANAF are strongly advised not to open, and delete them immediately. The e-mails may be received from an e-mail address such as: info@anaf.ro.

    People who receive such e-mails pretending on informing them about discrepancies in…Read More

  • Romania has reached 6 million people vaccinated with at least one doze of anti COVID vaccine. Specialists say it is far too few to reach a comfortable level of 70% mass immunization until mid of next year.

  • Romanian minimum gross salary at national level for year 2022 was increased.

    The new minimum gross salary was made official this week through a Government Decision. Specifically, from January 2022, the mandatory minimum gross salary at national level will be of 2,550 Lei, compared to the level of 2,300 Lei, which is valid for year 2021.

  • Hello, according to latest news, it seems that the Romanian authorities finally decided to give up the decision to close the schools when the Coronavirus infections exceed the level of 6 per thousand. The Romanian Prime Minister declared today (30 Sept 2021) that the decision on the transition to online classes will be left to the management of…Read More

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