Work permits quota limits for year 2018 were finally increased by Romanian government on 2 August 2018. This comes as a necessity after the quota limit for seconded workers had been previously reached in July. As a consequence, this left employers back in July under impossibility of seconding any foreigners from non-EU countries to Romania until the end of 2018.

Work permits applications increased 50% compared to year 2017

The decision is a clear signal that the government seems to be aware of the significant increase in number of applications generated by the huge demand of new jobs in the Romanian economy. As a consequence, it supplemented the total work permits quota with other 8,000 permits for the Romanian workforce market in 2018. Out of the total number, half of the work permits (4,000) are for permanent employees (hired directly by Romanian employers), while half of them (4,000) are for seconded employees (seconded to Romania by foreign employers).

The decision to supplement the work permits quotas with such big numbers comes as result of the significant increase in workforce demand from the economy year over year. More exactly, the Romanian Ministry of Labor announced that there was an increase of over 50% in total number of work permits applications from year 2017 to 2018. Actually, the number of applications for permanent workers doubled from one year to another.

Local Romanian workforce not enough for employers

From the statistics published by the Romanian Agency for Employment it shows that a total number of 31,464 job vacancies published by Romanian employers during first quarter of 2018 are still in search for skilled people during second quarter.

The Romanian job market is in continuous growth this year as well, but it continues to lack local Romanian skilled workforce. With the recent decision for work permits quota increase, Romanian government acknowledges the actual status. Thus, the decision sends “green light” to employers who are in continuous search of skilled foreign employees.

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