Wondering why you should choose digital marketing for your business? Not sure if digital marketing is better and more effective for your specific type of business than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing started developing in the 1990s as part of companies’ new internet-based marketing strategies and has expanded continuously since then. It has brought to market completely new forms of advertising and brand development strategies available to all types of organizations that use the Internet and technology.

But is digital marketing better and more effective than traditional marketing? And why choose digital marketing instead of traditional? We propose to analyze in this article the main advantages that the digital marketing industry offers compared to the traditional marketing industry.

Five important aspects that will determine you to choose digital marketing

Regardless of the form it may take (internet, radio, TV, print media, etc.), marketing has always focused on developing the means and strategies to connect with the right audience, at the right time and in the right place. Because today we live in a digital world, and given also the unprecedented pandemic period, that determine people to spend more and more time online, then experts say that digital marketing can do this in a very effective way. Let’s see how.

1. Real time evaluation of results

Using the appropriate technology and audience segmentation methods (e.g., based on criteria such as age, geographic location, gender, hobbies, etc.), digital marketing today provides organizations with excellent strategies for evaluating performance and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in real time.

This gives them the ability to adjust all elements of a campaign (such as message, target audience, delivery date or time, delivery method, etc.), including budget, and thus achieve high efficiency. Moreover, all major search engines and social platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, use complex technology and algorithms to help organizations achieve maximum performance on the lowest possible budget.

Taking just one simple example, a company that places a billboard on a highway, advertising a new product, certainly could not have a real-time evaluation of all the results of its campaign. Indicators such as: the number of views during a month or day, the number of conversions, the traffic at different times of the day, time spent by the public analyzing the content of the ad, etc. All these valuable indicators would be impossible to monitor.

While a Facebook campaign, for example, could easily provide all of these indicators in real time, and even many others needed to adjust the message. This allows your company to easily adjust your content, target audience, budget, or any other real-time values to improve your campaign results. And this brings us to the next reason that may convince you to choose digital marketing instead of classic marketing.

2. Measurable results in the smallest details

As explained in the example above, many types of traditional marketing practices lack the possibilities to measure their results. And this applies to a variety of traditional marketing practices, not just billboards, but also other types, such as flyers, magazines, radio commercials, etc.

On the other hand, the measurement methods that digital marketing provides can generate important metrics for you, such as the number of users who view or access your ad, or who choose to share or like your content, or other important indicators.

In addition, measuring the effectiveness of a campaign in the digital environment can be done even in more detail, granulating the values, so that the marketer can observe the behavior of the public in different geographical areas and over certain periods of time, such as days of the week or intervals during a day.

3. You can reach a huge number of potential customers in no time

The level of penetration of the Internet in space and time is so high today, that it makes it even easier for different organizations to use digital marketing to reach the largest number of potential customers that has ever been possible. For example, a well-configured Google Ads campaign can reach audiences in any country around the world in just a few minutes.

This is a huge opportunity that allows any start-up, from any country, to reach a geographical coverage and potential buyers in just a few minutes. No wonder that entrepreneurs who invent high value-added products have had global business success overnight.

Have we provided enough reasons to determine you to choose digital marketing instead of traditional one? If not, read on.

4. Low cost of “targeting” the right audience

If you own a startup or a small local business (restaurant, spa, etc.), perhaps the biggest problem you have with attracting new customers is the cost and effort of marketing campaigns. The cost problem is further increased when trying to consider forms of marketing such as TV commercials, radio commercials, or billboards, which generally require huge budgets.

Fortunately, this does not apply to online marketing, where the cost of reaching the target audience is now close to zero. And what’s even more convenient, a good digital marketing strategy can help you create a much better impact on your target audience than any classic marketing.

This means that any startup has the opportunity to capitalize on any form of digital marketing, whether it is social media platforms, Google Ads campaigns, email campaigns or others, and to obtain a very high return on investment.

5. You can maintain a continuous connection with your customers and target audience

Another reason to choose digital marketing may be quite obvious to you. It is about the possibility of interaction and continuous involvement of both existing customers and the target audience. Thus, digital marketing allows a much higher level of connection than any other type of marketing.

Thus, online marketing allows organizations to continuously communicate with their customers, answering their questions and even hiring them to participate in advertising campaigns. This can be accomplished through many forms of digital communication, such as blog posts, Facebook posts, newsletters, and more. And when they are planned and executed well, the results will not be long in coming.

6. Improving trust in your brand

If you publish useful and interesting content on your website, this will help your brand gain the trust of its customers and industry experts. It is well-known that, if you want to gain credibility in a fast and sustainable way, you have to use the internet and online channels in an optimal way that proves favorable to your business.

All marketing studies results show that brands which are very active online end up gaining significant trust among their clients. Through the content it transmits, a brand can answer customers’ possible doubts, clarify fundamental concepts and make them aware of certain needs they have, while also coming up with solutions.

You’ll know your brand has gained credibility the moment you see it on the first page of results. You can become a reference for the market when you position yourself at the top of the Google ranking. This will attract many other parties interested in the field in which you operate and build trust in what you offer.

One way to get noticed is by blogging, as consumers are looking for quality content that answers their questions and curiosities about your products or services.

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