Planning to move to Romania and find a job here, but don’t know what the best paid jobs are, and if there are any in your area of expertise? Online recruitment platforms in Romania have recently done some research work to find out which are the best paying jobs in Romania. You may find their results useful in finding your dream job on the Romanian market.

The results were publicly shared, and we summarize below the most important findings.

So, the research has concluded that the best paid jobs in Romania are mostly located in the following sectors:

  • IT
  • telecommunications
  • engineering
  • oil
  • healthcare

According to the research data shared by the online recruitment platforms, of all the areas mentioned above, the IT sector has reached the highest salary growth. In the IT industry, the monthly remuneration on certain positions can reach up to 5,000 euros/month.

In the top of best paid jobs, the financial and human resources sectors are the fields that follow (after IT, telecommunications, engineering, oil and healthcare). In finance and human resources, recruiters say that salaries start from 2,000 euros/month, and on certain managerial positions can reach up to 5,000 euros/month, net in hand.

Romania has seen a constant increase in salary levels during previous 5 years, especially in the IT, telecommunications and engineering fields. This evolution was also sustained by the increased access to other job markets, in other countries. This includes especially other EU countries, but also easier access to jobs on other continents has been increasingly liberalized

For 2021, and for 2022 as well, the IT field is on the first place of the ranking, having the best job offers on the Romanian market. According to data shares by the Romanian Statistics Institute, salaries for IT&C employees are now higher in Cluj than in Bucharest. This situation can seem peculiar to many. But it could be explained by the reduced number of IT specialists that are available in Cluj, a much smaller city than Bucharest, versus the increased demand from local companies.

In management positions, best paid jobs in Romania, and most wanted, are product, sales and financial managers

At the same time, in the IT field, the best offers are for candidates for positions such as Senior DevOps Engineer. On such position, the salary offer can reach up to 5,500 euros/month. On top of the monthly salary, employers can also provide medical insurance, flexible work schedule, personal development courses, meal vouchers, or other benefits in kind.

Other IT positions, such as Full Stack Developer or Senior Java Developer, can come with a long list of benefits in kind, on top of salary, such as: medical insurance, meal vouchers, dental clinic subscription, fitness subscription, flexible work hours, support in internal professional reorientation, covering of transportation costs, or others.

Candidates for the position of .NET Technical Lead can get a monthly salary of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros, with a long list of benefits, such as performance bonuses, trainings or additional paid leaves.

Among the management positions with the highest salaries at the beginning of 2022, the most wanted are the ones for: product managers, sales managers or positions of financial managers. The salaries offered for these positions vary between 2,000 euros net in the case of a manager in the financial field, and up to 4,500 euros net in the case of a product manager.



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