Where to live in Timișoara? Most wanted areas in this city

Moving to Romania and looking for the best areas where you could relocate and live in Timișoara? Do you want to move to the city of Timișoara for a limited time or do you plan to settle here for good? Don't know which are the most best neighborhoods of this city where you could live on long term?
where to live in Timișoara

In this article we describe for you some areas of the city, with their pluses and minuses. You need to keep in mind that each neighborhood is suitable for a particular lifestyle or budget. Pay attention to all the details provided herein while comparing each rent offer you receive, to find the most suitable home for you in Romania.

Calea Șagului – one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the city

Calea Șagului is for sure a place to choose by those of you running on a budget. Most of the blocks and houses in this neighborhood are from the communist period (or even older), some of them well refurbished and fairly comfortable. It is one of the largest and most populated neighborhoods of Timișoara, built during the communist industrialization period.

When it comes to renting a place in this area, the prices can start around 200 euros/month, and can reach up to 400 euros (in newer blocks) for a two-room apartment, depending on the size of the space or the age of the block.

Calea Șagului is also one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Timișoara when it comes to buying real estate. It is not one of the best neighborhoods in the city, but it is certainly one of the cheapest where you can also find a reasonable . It is a good choice if you want to fit in a tighter budget.

Medicină area (“Zona Medicină”)

The Medicină area is the most popular area for safety, medical centers and public transportation availability. If you plan to live in Timișoara with your family (including kids), this area is one of the best places. Here you will also find good schools, which are close to the residential areas, and connected to transportation routes.

The area is also popular for recreational opportunities such as parks, restaurants and shops. What you need to know is that this is also one of the most expensive areas in the city, due to the many facilities it hosts.

Price for rent in this area can start around 300 euros/month, and can go up to 500-600 euros for a two- room apartment. Three-room apartments could reach a rent price around 600 – 700 euros/month.

Student Compound (“Complex Studențesc”)

If you’re not moving with your family, and are young or actually a student, this is the perfect place for you. The area is full of student hostels and the place seems exactly arranged for them. In this area you can find affordable dining places, with convenient lunch offers – a plus for you, if you don’t have time or don’t like to cook every day. The best parties in the city take place in this neighborhood, and you can leave with the most beautiful memories from the local clubs.

The prices of the apartments can be affordable, somewhere between 250 and 350 euros/month, but you can also find more luxurious spaces, for up to 500 euros/month, which you could share with one or two colleagues. According to some sources, Complex Studențesc is on the second or third place in the top of the most expensive areas in Timișoara when it comes to buying real estate.

Sun’s neighborhood (“Cartierul Soarelui”)

The Sun’s neighborhood (in Romanian “Cartierul Soarelui”) is one of the best rated neighborhoods in terms of overall cost of living: low expenses, reasonable rents. The neighborhood was reh litated, and many useless garages were converted into public parking lots.

The neighborhood is located near the Student Compound (“Complex Studențesc”) and the West University-Law Faculty (“Universitatea de Vest-Facultatea de Drept”), which is the biggest university in Timișoara. More exactly, to the South part of the city. So, there will be many young people and students in this area as well, since it is close to many universities.

In this neighborhood you will also find the largest park in the south of the city – Parcul Lidia – if you decide to move here with your family and children.

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Bucovina neighborhood

The quietest area of the city is the Bucovina district. It has been ranked in the top 5 quietest neighborhoods in the cities of Romania. The area lies at the northern part of the city, and it is also appreciated for its air quality. The neighborhood has many old blocks from communist period, but most of them were built in the 1980s.

In this neighborhood you will have good access to transportation, playgrounds and schools. The Bucovina neighborhood is also considered one of the cheapest areas in the city when it comes to buying real estate in Timișoara.

This area is also pretty close to the well-known shopping mall located in Iulius Town. So, if you’re a passionate shopper, this may be the perfect area for you to move in Timișoara.

Rent prices range between 250 and 500 euros per month for a two-room apartment.

Calea Aradului and Calea Girocului

In the Calea Aradului area the rental prices can vary from 200 euros for a 20sqm studio, to 1,700 euros for a luxury apartment of 200sqm. Located in the northern part of the city, Calea Aradului is even closer to Iulius Mall than Bucovina neighborhood. If you move here, you will probably live in the proximity of many office buildings that are located in Iulius Town.

This area is also well populated with supermarkets and schools. The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine is also located in this area.

Calea Girocului is located in the southern part of the city, with access to supermarkets and a huge park: Lidia Park. In addition, the County Hospital is located in this neighborhood.

Iulius Town in Timișoara – an industrial area was completely transformed into a modern office and lifestyle center.
Is it nice to live in Timișoara?

Definitely yes! The city is chosen by many foreigners moving to Romania for its safety, proximity to other EU countries (Hungary, Austria), continuous development, and many business and job opportunities. In addition, the city has prestigious university centers, where you can easily enroll as a student. The job market is diverse and you can easily find jobs. You will not miss the cultural life either.

In addition to concerts and festivals you will discover museums, opera and many other cultural institutions and events. The many green spaces are another plus of the city. You can have relaxing walks along Bega river, or in one of the many parks of the city: Rozelor Park, Central Park, Botanical Park, etc.

Choose carefully before you move (to live in Timișoara)

If you have not visited Timișoara before and don’t know anyone who could guide you in finding the best home, we advise you to take into account every aspect of the living areas. A lower price can come with hidden costs, subsequent problems and difficulties you did not expect.

In addition, cheaper housing may be in infamous areas such as the Giroc neighborhood, Buziaș area, which we recommend you avoid. As foreigners, you will have no problems communicating with the owners. Most of them understand and speak English very well, or at least at conversational level.

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