Where can you buy Romanian traditional souvenirs and gifts

Looking to buy Romanian traditional souvenirs, clothes or any similar objects that you can also provide as gifts? We can recommend you a few places, where you can shop for traditional Romanian objects, both in-store locations and websites.
buy Romanian traditional souvenirs

Here’s a list of interesting places where you can buy beautiful Romanian traditional souvenirs and gifts, for you or for your dear ones.

In-store locations, in Bucharest

1. deDor

Address: strada George Enescu nr. 21, Bucharest

Types of traditional Romanian objects you can find here: tapestries, traditional Romanian costumes, chests of drawers with old fabric inserts or sets of porcelain painted by young and creative artists, pieces of contemporary Romanian design (but with traditional motifs or reinterpretations), ceramic vessels, icons orthodox, handmade jewelry, homemade soap.

deDOR is a special shop, where you can find the traditional Romanian atmosphere. If you are looking for a corner of Romanian history, here is the right place.

2. Învie tradiția

Address: str. Mihai Eminescu 142, sector 2, Bucharest (entrance is on the left side of the block)

Types of traditional Romanian objects you can find here: traditional Romanian products that have been in the homes of Romanians for hundreds of years: ceramics and clay, wooden products, leather products, decorations and furniture, traditional clothes, and objects of worship, for the soul.

The team from “Învie tradiția” wants to develop the largest community of lovers of Romanian traditions in the country.

They not only sell traditional Romanian objects, but are also actively involved in activities of preserving the country’s customs and encouraging and supporting centuries-old crafts born in Romania.

3. Artizan Cristal Glass

Address: Piața Unirii, nr.1, Unirea Shopping Center, on the ground floor.

Types of traditional Romanian objects you can find here: icons, folk costumes, souvenirs, ceramic figurines, musical instruments made by artisans, ceramic plates and jugs decorated with folk motifs.

If you are in the center of Bucharest and want to buy special Romanian traditional souvenirs and gifts, you can always check out Artisan Cristal Glass.

4. The Village Museum in Bucharest

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 28-30, sector 1, Bucharest

Traditional Romanian objects you can find here: ceramics, textiles, braids, wood, decorated eggs, icons on wood and glass, folk barks, toys, furniture, masks, folk ornaments, garments, skins, leather.

The Village Museum in Bucharest is an emblematic place for getting to know the Romanian traditional culture. Here you can buy Romanian traditional souvenirs in the special shop, but also visit and admire real Romanian traditional objects in the museum.

The gallery’s offer also includes plates, bowls, jugs, mugs, candlesticks, tiles, toys, which you can purchases at prices ranging between 5 and 120 RON.

Here you can discover red and black pottery, glazed and unglazed, representing centers of Romanian pottery that are still active in many parts of the country: Horezu, Rădăuți, Baia Mare, Corund, Marginea, Oboga, Romana, Vlădești. So, the museum is not just about the history and tradition of Bucharest, but you can find objects from all over the country.

In-store locations, in Sibiu

1. IA Sibiu Concept Store

Address: Piața Mică nr. 3, Sibiu

Types of traditional Romanian objects you can find here: accessories, decorations or quality clothing products. This is a place where you can find some of the most spectacular souvenirs in Sibiu.

This is one of the shops that offers you access to some of the traditional Romanian and Sibiu local objects. Sibiu is a representative city for Romanian life. Here you can also find the largest open-air village museum in the country. If you want to see how people lived in these places hundreds of years ago, we recommend you to visit the village museum as well.


1. romanianboutique.ro

“Probably the best souvenir shop in Bucharest”
Romanian souvenirs you can find here: from small keychains and magnets, to Romanian traditional clothes, paintings, handcrafted products made of wood, ceramics and glass, all handmade by artisans who love beauty.

romanianboutique.ro has contributed to the spread of Romanian traditions among foreign tourists who come to visit us in the country. Their goal is to preserve the Romanian world, through the art objects and souvenirs they sell. They are easy to find, just a distance search on Google.

2. artizanescu.ro

Types of traditional Romanian objects you can find here: handmade objects, icons painted on glass, decorated eggs, wooden cups, ceramic pots, handmade wipes.

Artizanescu.ro loves popular culture and tries to bring back the feeling of authentic Romanian life, feeling of home. On this website you can find stories and explanations of Romanian traditions from all over the country.

3. artizanat-cadouri-speciale.ro

Here you can find traditional handicrafts, upholstery and carpets, baskets with traditional products, traditional food products (brandy, honey), etc. Most of the products are created by hand, by local Romanian artists, in the smallest details.

You can give them as gifts, or you can display them in your home as a sign of pride for visiting or living in Romania. All objects are carefully crafted so that you can take home the most beautiful souvenirs and art objects.

4. obiectetraditionale.ro

What traditional Romanian objects can you find here: wooden objects, ceramics, figurative ceramics, icons and painting, fabrics and embroidery, martisoare, Christmas decorations.

The owner of this website is a popular craftsman from Sighișoara, who started his activity working with wooden spoons. “Lonely Planet” appreciated it as “perhaps the best craft store in Transylvania” in their tourist guide “Romania and Bulgaria”.

This is our list of proposals for places where you can buy Romanian traditional souvenirs and traditional Romanian objects. Search for them in detail, analyze their products, and help them keep the Romanian traditions alive.

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