What’s the cost for registering a company in Romania? Here’s the simple truth

We received many questions lately about the estimated cost for registering a company in Romania. So, we wanted to publish the information in a useful article on this subject, that everyone can have access to.

But please keep in mind that some of the costs estimated herein may slightly differ in practice. For example, notary fees are not fixed fees, as each notary has a bracket within which they can set their fees. That’s why for some types of costs we tried to rather estimate a maximum or an interval (e.g., 200 – 300 Lei) to give you a better picture.

Also, the costs estimated below do not include services fees with a professional consultant. We have estimated only the costs strictly related with the company set up process, as if one would choose to do this on their own. So, if you choose to mandate a professional consultant or lawyer to carry out the entire registration process on your behalf, the related cost must be added to what we have estimated here.

So, if you’re planning to open a business in Romania, and would like to know what to expect in terms of costs for opening the company, here’s what the related costs look like. We’ll structure the information step-by-step, in the chronological order of the company setup process, and in the end we’ll conclude with the estimated summary of the costs:

1. Company name reservation

This step can be done for free. If initially the authorities were charging a tax for fulfilling this operation, now it is free of any charge, and can be accomplished either online (on the Romanian Registry of Commerce website), or directly at their office.

So, currently the cost for this step is zero.

2. Preparation of the incorporation deeds of the company

As future shareholder of the company, you will have to prepare and sign the incorporation deeds, detailing the number of shareholders, the future directors, the value of the share capital, etc. You can do this on your own, by using a standard template for the incorporation deeds (like the one provided by the Romanian Registry of Commerce, which you can find here), or by mandating a lawyer.

If you mandate a lawyer to help you with this, their cost is generally between 300 and 400 lei.

3. Notarized declarations

In the company incorporation file you will also have to include certain affidavits/declarations. More exactly, both you (as shareholder), and the future director(s) of the company (if that is not you) will have to declare you fulfill the legal conditions as per the criminal laws, anti-money laundry law, etc.. These are standard format affidavits, but must be signed and authentified at a notary office.

So, you will have to pay notary fees for this. As per the law, if you will be sole shareholder of the company and director as well, the number of affidavits you’ll have to sign is 2 or 3. But if you don’t understand Romanian, you will also need a certified translator to explain you what you sign, for who’s services you will have to pay separately.

So, the notary fees can be estimated around 200 to 300 lei, while the translator’s fee also around 150 to 200 lei for 1 hour. This means the total estimated cost with the notary is approximately 400 – 500 lei.

4. Company’s share capital

Next on the list is contributing the share capital to the company. According to the Romanian company law which regulates the conditions for registering a company in Romania, a limited liability company must benefit of a share capital contribution from the future shareholder(s). The minimum value of the share capital contribution is of 200 Lei.

For contributing the share capital in cash, you’ll have to open a share capital bank account with any Romanian bank.

5. Taxes due to the Registry of Commerce

Depending on the number of shareholders and directors in the company, there are a few taxes that you’ll have to pay upon submission of the company set up application file. All of these taxes can raise up to a total of 250 to 300 Lei for a limited liability company.


Now, let’s sum up and see what would be the estimated cost with registering a company in Romania in year 2020. Here’s the simple truth:

  • company name reservation: 0 Lei
  • preparation of the incorporation deeds of the company: 0 Lei or 300 – 400 Lei (for lawyer assistance)
  • notarised declarations / affidavits: 400 – 500 Lei
  • share capital of the company: 200 Lei
  • taxes to be paid to Registry of Commerce: 250 – 300 Lei

TOTAL: 1,150 – 1,400 Lei (approximately 240 – 292 Euros)

In addition to the above, you also have to take into calculation the cost with renting the office space for the company. As per the Romanian laws, the company must have a physical address registered with the Registry of Commerce. So, if you do not have any space in property which you can use as company headquarters, you may have to rent some an office address. This may generate additional cost.

Please remember that these costs apply to a limited liability company. Which is the most commonly used company in Romania. If you want to open a different type of company (e.g., joint stock company) different costs will apply.

For more guidance, please refer also to our article on: How to register a new company in Romania.

Would you like to contribute with useful information on the topic? Please feel free to leave your comment below.

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