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What’s the cost for registering a company in Romania? Here’s the simple truth

We received many questions lately about the estimated cost for registering a company in Romania. So, we wanted to publish the information in a useful article on this subject, that everyone can have access to.

But please keep in mind that some of the costs estimated herein may slightly differ in practice. For example, notary fees are not fixed fees, as each notary has a bracket within which they can set their fees. That’s why for some types of costs we tried to rather estimate a maximum or an interval (e.g., 200 – 300 Lei) to give you a better picture.

Also, the costs estimated below do not include services fees with a professional consultant. We have estimated only the costs strictly related with the company set up process, as if one would choose to do this on their own. So, if you choose to mandate a professional consultant or lawyer to carry out the entire registration process on your behalf, the related cost must be added to what we have estimated here.

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