Romanian authorities have announced that all flights to Italy will be suspended due to coronavirus alert. Also, flights from Italy to any Romanian airports will be suspended. The temporary measure will be enforced starting today, 9 March, as of 12:00, until 23 March.

Thus, flight operators will have the responsibility to forbid the onboarding on flights from Italy to Romania, or from Romania to Italy.

According to authorities’ evidence, as of today there are 15 coronavirus cases confirmed in Romania (only one in Bucharest, and the rest in 8 other counties). Most of the confirmed cases have links to Italy. The infested persons either travelled to Romania directly from Italy during previous weeks, or are family members or close friends of such persons.

Also, Romanian authorities have asked flight operators to not allow onboarding of Romanian people on flights still coming from Italy, China, South Korea or Iran, even if the flights have just a stop in Romania. Those who arrive in Romania will be forced into quarantine.

At this moment, in Romania there are 27 persons put into quarantine, and other 12,789 persons self-quarantined at home.

The authorities will be also debating today if the coronavirus situation in Romania urges for the closure of schools and kinder gardens.

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