Planning to visit Bucharest in Christmas period? If you love winter activities, specific Christmas markets and fairs, if you’re a food lover, and if you are in for some great day trips, then you should absolutely have to consider Bucharest for Christmas. This article will help you discover wonderful things to do in Bucharest for Christmas. 

Being the capital city of Romania, Bucharest is a wonderful city to visit for Christmas, as numerous events take place throughout the city during this period. Bucharest is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, being a city that hides its best spots.

Whether it’s the little wooden cottages selling food, mulled wine and souvenirs, a café tucked away inside a Parisian style arcade, or the festive songs and the lights that decorate the city, there’s a lot of wonderful things to enjoy in Bucharest for Christmas.

Bucharest weather in December is good most of the time, the temperature is not as extreme as it can be in other European countries, so you can enjoy all the things Bucharest prepared for you this Christmas. But be prepared with thick clothes as well, as sometimes weather can be a bit unpredictable here, and snow could hit the city unannounced.

In addition to the beautiful lights that decorate the city and Christmas trees that light up all the streets for the winter holidays, the Christmas market is the one that gets people into the Christmas spirit and brings smiles to everyone’s face, child or adult.

Check out the special Market in Bucharest for Christmas

If you are in Bucharest for the Christmas holidays, you will surely want to visit the Christmas market. It has millions of lights, decorated Christmas trees, with a huge Christmas tree in the middle of 30 meters high, wooden houses, nativity scenes, elves and a lot of sweets and traditional food. On top, if you are lucky, you could even get to meet Santa Clause, as he has a beautiful house built up here. Children are queuing in front of it doors, waiting eagerly to be invited inside his house, and talk to him.

Bucharest Christmas market also managed to retain its tradition by selling genuine Romanian products. The Bucharest Christmas Market has over a hundred stalls dedicated to Romanian ornaments, handcrafts and traditional food. A nice experience to have at the Christmas market is to warm up with some healthy Romanian food, that kind of food that really sticks to your ribs.

The most typical Romanian food and also the most loved by foreign tourists are the national dishes, such as: “sarmale”, which are sort of cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice, “mici” (like little minced meat sausages, but without skin), “jumări” (pork rinds with onion), or tripe soup. In the morning you can go for a tasty hot chocolate and in the afternoon for a mulled wine that is made from Romanian wine enriched with flavorings that make it a delicious experience. It’s sweet and tasty and it warms you up.

Bucharest Christmas Market is organized every year in the Constitution Square which is located in front of the Parliament’s Palace (“People’s Palace”), the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon. The market started on 28 November and lasts until after Christmas day, on 26 December at night. 

Here are some other nice things you can do at the Bucharest Christmas Fair: buy some nice Romanian traditional Christmas gifts for the loved ones, buy Christmas decorations for Christmas tree, have some fun on the ice skating rink, take your kids to the train or in the carousel, eat traditional Romanian food and try the special drinks, and don’t forget to take a selfie with Santa Claus. Children will be able to participate to workshops at Santa Clause’s House and they also can give their letters to Santa.

Enjoy a beautiful Christmas Concert

Concerts and special artistic programs will take place throughout the city, and also at the same Christmas Market during these celebrating days. The shows will be performed by popular bands and singers from all over the regions of Romania, carol singers, bands for kids, and famous pop artists. At these concerts you can listen some of the most beautiful Romanian traditional Christmas carols. The artists expected to perform this year at the fair include famous Romanian bands or singers, such as: Horia Brenciu, Ștefan Bănică, Voltaj, Holograf, Vunk, Nicole Cherry, Bosquito, Connect-R, Ștefan Hrușcă, Fuego, Irina Loghin, Bere Gratis, Phoenix, and more others. 

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Also, if you are a classical music lover, this is one of the best periods when you can visit Bucharest. Many classical music concerts take place during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, one of them sustained by local orchestras. For example, a wonderful concert will take place on 30 December, at the Royal Hall (Sala Palatului), which will be set in place by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra.

You will surely take part to a memorable evening where you will have the opportunity to listen exclusively to classical music of the highest quality, along with many other surprises. So, if you are a music lover, put the concerts on your to-do list while visiting Bucharest for Christmas period. It will surely endow your vacation with one of the best memories.

Have some fun on the ice skating rink

If you love skating, the capital city has outdoor ice skating rinks, at the mall or in the park. Also, the new location of the Christmas Market has enough space to host an ice skating rink. So, those who visit Bucharest Christmas Market can make a stop at the rink, the entry is free and is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. If you want to enjoy a lovely walk in the park and also go ice skating, you can choose the lake in the Cișmigiu Gardens. The park’s main lake is transformed into an ice skating rink during winter. It is a wonderful place, where you can also find wonderful scenery, and local tasty food and drinks.

Cișmigiu Park is a symbol of Bucharest, and one of the main tourist attractions. Officially, ice skating has been organized on the lake of Cișmigiu park since 1879.

Another outdoor ice rink is in Promenada Mall, the only one on a terrace. It is located up the roof of the mall, so it makes the perfect combination of Christmas gifts shopping and having some winter season fun on the skating rink. If you prefer an indoor ice skating rink, you can find one in another mall of Bucharest: Afi Palace Cotroceni. This is one of the biggest malls in Bucharest, where you will surely love to do gift shopping for Christmas.

Party all night in the Bucharest’s clubs

Is already known that Bucharest has one of the best nighlife scenes in Europe, so you’re looking to fill up your winter nights, just choose between the multitude of Bucharest pubs or clubs. If you love partying, then Bucharest’s Old Town is one of the best places where you can go.

For more inspiration, check our article describing some interesting clubs in Bucharest here: Famous clubs in Bucharest – where can you have great time with friends?

Hunt for the perfect winter book at Cărturești bookshop

If you’re not a party person and you prefer to relax reading a good book in a cozy place, then you absolutely have to go to the famous Cărturești Carusel in the Old Town of Bucharest. The Romanian capital city is famous for its picturesque bookstores, especially Cărturești. You can surely spend few hours perusing all six spectacular floors of books. Once you’ve picked your favorite book, you can go downstairs to the café, you can combine your newest purchase with a perfect espresso. If you’re a book lover this place will be a real wonderland for you.

As you can easily see, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Bucharest in December, and Bucharest Christmas Market is for sure a popular choice. Have an amazing experience in this Eastern European capital and enjoy your trip!

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