Are you one of those frequent travelers who are flying internationally, may it be for business or for pleasure? Congratulations! Then you may also want to look for tips that could make your travel life smoother, easier and safer every time.

We have collected and explained in this article 7 essential tips you may consider every time you travel. So here are the 7 frequent travelers tips:

1. If possible, avoid traveling around holidays

Avoid especially Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve periods, and as much as possible during July and August! Why? Flight tickets tend to be very expensive during such periods. Sure, some destinations are beautiful during holidays, but why should you pay 2,000 euros for 5 days in Dubai or Miami? While you can only pay 800 euros in January or March or October?! The second is, of course, the crowded airports. Why should I squeeze myself through crowds of crazy people, when I can travel in an easy environment?

2. Exchange money through Revolut at your local bank

Before you begin your trip, make sure you exchange money in the local currency of the country of destination. If you want to benefit of a decent exchange rate, or don’t want to pay for exchange commissions, make sure you exchange money through Revolut or at your local bank. It will help having some cash available in local currency, at least for taxi or bus.

Also, it may prove useful to have a clear plan regarding what you will do once you have collected your bags. Will someone be waiting to pick you up? Do you want to take a taxi? Or maybe a bus or metro? Find an online map of your destination place that can show you where to go for each of these options. Most will include information regarding how much a typical taxi and bus fare will cost to get to downtown of your destination city.

3. Do the check-in online

You can choose your favorite places in the airplane early on, and there are chances to get rid of the queues at the airport. You can go directly to the drop-off desk to only leave your baggage. Tips: When checking-in online, try to get an aisle seat, as it may prove useful.

Aisle seats make it easier to get up and stretch from time to time, if on a long flight. Or to get to the lavatory, or to get personal items from your bag in the overhead compartment. If you travel with someone and the airplane has a 3-row configuration, pick one seat at the window and the other at the corridor. There are high chances that no one will take the place in the middle, and so you’ll benefit of more space.

4. If possible, wear sport footwear

As frequent travelers, you must know by now that the airport security check is the place that often drives us crazy. For a faster and smoother transit, it is advisable to have sport footwear during your travels. As a rule, if you have shoes, boots, or other heavy footwear, you may be significantly delayed. You may be asked to take them off and pass them through the filter. The same goes for the clothes. Avoid having a belt on your pants, hard clothes, watches or accessories that are also hard to open. Or if you have them, get them out in time.

5. Avoid lines where you see children

Yes, try to avoid as much as possible lines where you have children, elderly people or people with much luggage in front of you. Each of them may slow down the queue. Obviously, children and the elderly need more time to undress for security check, not to mention any other accessories such as trolleys, etc. Any additional bulky travel accessory may slow down the security verification in the airport. So be aware of them and try avoiding them as much as possible.

6. On passport check-point, take a good look at those before you

Unfortunately, without their fault, passport checks for citizens of countries for which visas are generally required may take much longer. Therefore, try to choose lines where you see the least travelers from Asian or African countries. These are generally countries for whose citizens visas are required or other travel restrictions are imposed.

7. Keep passport safe but within reach

Make sure you put your passport and boarding pass in a safe, but also in a quick pocket. You will need them many times in the airport, so keep them at hand, but also safe, so you do not lose them. Also, travel with as little as possible. If you are worried about keeping track of many possessions at the airport, aboard the plane(s), and again upon arrival at baggage claim, you are adding a layer of stress to your travel experience.

Now you’re ready to go on your travel. Have a safe flight! 🙂

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