The United States are willing to finance the Cernavodă nuclear power plant refurbishment in a $ 8 billion financing program, the largest ever granted to Romania. The Romanian Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Virgil Popescu, met on Friday with the President of the US Export-Import Bank, Kimberley Reed, in order to sign a Memorandum on the financing of the Cernavodă nuclear project, according to the US Ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman.

Minister Popescu also met with the US Secretary of the Energy Department, Dan Brouillette, to start the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for the refurbishment of one of the two nuclear reactors and the renovation of the building where the two new reactors are located (reactors 3 and 4).

8 billion USD to finance the Cernavodă nuclear power plant

“This $ 8 billion project will be a paradigm for future Romanian-American economic and energy development projects”, said Adrian Zuckerman, in the message sent on the occasion of the Bucharest Forum, organized by the Aspen Institute.

The diplomat underlined that this is the largest financing package received so far by Romania, which indicates the trust that the United States has “in their old partner and ally”.

“The United States and Romania have achieved a lot together! Romania is one step closer to stepping on extraordinary opportunities! As the United States and Romania continue to work together, we will see how Romania will take on the role of leader in Europe, which is rightfully its own. Romania has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that it has a spirit which cannot be dominated, as well as an unwavering dedication to democratic values. The moment of Romania has come, and the period of the Renaissance in Romania is unfolding before our eyes! ”, said the US ambassador.

The Romanian Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, has recently reiterated that he strongly supports the construction of reactors 3 and 4 at Cernavodă and wants them to be made with partners from the European Union and NATO.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban ordered the establishment of the Strategic Coordination Committee for the implementation of the Cernavodă NPP Units 3 and 4 Project, through a decision published in July in the Official Gazette.

The committee will be chaired by the Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu. The advisory body also includes Florin Cîţu, Minister of Public Finance, Cosmin Marinescu, Presidential Adviser, and Ionel Dancă, Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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