The rules on taxation of capital gains will suffer changes in Romania for individual investors. A new law amending the tax treatment applicable to capital gains was officially published on May 23, 2022. Through these amendments, the Romanian authorities aim to apply a more favorable tax regime, and at the same time to simplify the tax reporting and payment for individuals earning gains from the sale of securities through Romanian intermediaries.

However, all these changes will be applied starting with capital gain income that individuals will realize as of 1 January 2023 onward.

More specifically, the law that brings the aforementioned amendments is Law no. 142/2022 published in the Official Gazette no. 502 of 23 May 2022, and according to it the individual investors will owe a lower tax on capital gains derived through Romanian investment intermediaries (i.e., investment and brokerage companies residents of Romania), while the Romanian investment intermediaries will have to deal directly with the tax declaration and payment of the income tax due for all their individual investors.


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