Do you plan on setting up a business as EU citizen living in Romania? Are you interested in relocating to Romania and setting up your own company here and gaining your own living from its revenues?

There are many entrepreneurs from other EU countries who are interested in Romania as a business investing environment. They either relocate to Romania for completely other reasons and want to transfer their business affairs here as well, or move here solely for the purpose of business investment. No matter your situation, there are certain basic things you may need to know for successfully setting up and running a company in Romania, and that you should know to mitigate any potential risks.

Of course, a smooth startup doesn’t guarantee the success of your business idea. Lots of people have various business ideas that may or may not grow into real business plans, as well as the potential to be successful. However, the difference between those who make a good profit and those who are not is that the latter do not research and plan in advance, and when they face some problems, they give up.

In this article, we will highlight those basic facts you need to know about opening and running a business in Romania as EU national, and will bring them out to light, so you can have a smooth start. So, here is what you must know about setting up a business as EU citizen.

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