Self-employment tax calculator for Romania

Use our self-employment tax calculator for Romania to determine the due taxes and the annual net income.
self-employment tax calculator

Self-employment tax calculator - 2024

Insert below the annual estimated gross income and business expenses, then click outside the boxes.

Coordinates for the calculation are:

  • All taxes are calculated on the actual income (not based on fixed income norms);
  • The expenses taken into account are the deductible expenses according to the provisions of the Romanian Tax Code; i.e., carried out for the business purpose of the self-employment activity;
  • Income tax due: 10% calculated on the net taxable income;
  • The pension fund contribution (CAS) and the health fund contribution (CASS) are due for self-employment income only if the annual net taxable income reaches certain thresholds;
  • The pension fund contribution (CAS) and the health fund contribution (CASS) are due even if the individual pays these mandatory contributions as an employee.

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The self-employment tax calculator on this page is meant to provide you with general income and tax calculation guidance for Romania. Nevertheless, they do not take into account all specific regulations and deduction rules applicable to all special cases. Therefore, they should be relied upon only for general information. For any specific cases, please contact a professional tax advisor.

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  1. Hi Florin, thank you for the useful article, it is much appreciated.

    Do you have this calculator for 2024 then? Also are you able to mention what are the CAS and CASS contributions in terms of cost?
    Last but not least, I am Non Romanian resident and i have an SRL. My client though asks me now to become freelancer as a natural person and not a legal entity like the SRL. Is this possible for someone who is not resident and doesn’t live in Romania to get the PFA?
    Are there any restrictions on what kind of expenses i can have for my freelance status? Like limited petrol, restaurants, travel expenses, electronic or office expenses, etc.?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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