Romania’s inflation rate increased to nearly 15.1% on annual basis (compared to June 2021) during month of June 2022, from a level of 14.5% in May, according to official data published this week by the Romanian Statistics Institute (INS).

The highest price increases were recorded for gas, 89.5%, cooking oil, 49%, and potatoes, 42.18%.

Altogether, energy and fuels accounted for over 16% of the consumption basket and contributed some 6.6pp to the overall 15.1% YoY inflation in June.

In June 2022 prices of non-food goods rose by 17.92%, those of food goods were higher by 14.67%, and services were more expensive by 7.81% compared to prices in previous month.

Overall, consumer prices registered an increase of 0.8% in June compared to May, the Romanian Statistics Office (INS) announced.



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