Looking for Romanian tourist attractions for this Christmas? 2019 Christmas season is quickly approaching! 🙂 Have you made plans for this year’s Christmas holiday? If not yet, then it’s time you did, as within exactly 2 months (more precisely 60 calendar days :)) we will be celebrating Christmas again. And it is one of the most important holidays, when all beloved family and friends come together to spend precious moments in time. As you know, this holiday is mainly about reunion with family and friends, it’s about celebration, love, peace and respect.

For Romanians Christmas is also an important moment of the year, and it is celebrated on the night of 25th of December, like in the majority of the other countries. In our country the traditions of Christmas go far beyond decorating the Christmas tree and exchanging gifts. The holiday winter season is revolving especially around the following activities: observing and experiencing local traditions kept alive in Romanian villages, singing Christmas carols, greeting each other with the classical “Crăciun Fericit!” – meaning “Merry Christmas!”.

Romanian tourist attractions for Christmas

For example in Mărișel, a locality near Cluj, an ancient Christmas custom is so beautiful that it has been included in UNESCO’s patrimony. Here, in the heart of the Apuseni mountains, all traditions are well preserved and transmitted to younger generations. There is an ancient tradition called “Junii Mărișelului” (in English you would translate it: “youngsters of Mărișel”).

As part of this tradition a group of 10 unmarried young boys come to the village church every year on Christmas day. After the religious sermon, they go out in front of the church and start dancing and singing Christmas carols. After that, the boys start inviting young girls to dance. And they put in place a wonderful show.

One of the Romanian tourist attractions for this period is also participating at Christmas Markets in the largest Romanian cities, where you can find traditional goodies.

If you are first time in Romania for this period, or maybe planning a short vacation in Romania for this Christmas, you may be looking for best Romanian tourist attractions that have something really magical in the winter and Christmas season. There are many places to visit and experiences to try in Romania for the Christmas season, but here are described below some very beautiful cities and markets in Romania, and the reasons why they deserve a visit in Christmas period.

The Christmas Market in Sibiu

Romanian tourist attractions for Christmas_Sibiu Christmas market

Every year in winter season, The Big Square of Sibiu is arranged with festive decorations. A representative of the Austrian Embassy in Romania included The Christmas Fair in Sibiu in the top 10 most beautiful Christmas Fairs in the world. Traders from over 20 counties are bringing to the Market the most helpful, most beautiful and most delicious products possible. The Fair in Sibiu is open daily after New Year’s Eve, so you can visit Sibiu for anytime during this period to experience this wonderful season market.

The Christmas Market in Sibiu is one of the main Romanian tourist attractions. There are many fun activities for the children like Santa’s Workshop. They can bake cookies, can learn to manufacture candles, play the role of Santa’s Helpers and many others Christmas-related activities.

Sibiu’s historical center is composed mainly of buildings that was built by German settlers in the Middle Ages. The Big Square from Sibiu is on the top of the list of most foreign tourists who visit Romania for the first time.

Accommodation we like in Sibiu: There are many accommodation options you can find in Sibiu, some at very convenient prices. The hotels we have tried and we really loved, especially during Christmas season, are:

Artisans Boutique Villa, Noblesse Boutique Resort, ART Hotel, Continental Forum.

Christmas in Brașov

Brasov during winter

Another popular destination for the Christmas holiday is Brașov. The main reason why we remember Brașov among Romanian tourist attractions in winter season is also it’s proximity to the mountains, and to a famous skiing resort in Romania – Poiana Brașov.

If you love skiing, then we really recommend taking a visit in the Poiana Brașov, as you will surely love it. You may even want to plan for your accommodation in Poiana Brașov, as it is pretty close to Brașov – approximately 15 kilometers. Which means that in no more than 5 minutes you will be in Brașov by taking the bus to the city.

If you enjoy relaxing trekking tours, Brașov is the perfect place to start an active holiday. Brașov also has a Christmas Market, like Sibiu as well, with all sorts of things from gifts, food products, handicrafts and decorations.

Also, in Brașov’s Christmas Market you can enjoy all types of performances like dances, carols and folk music recitals, and you can admire the Christmas Romanian traditions.

Christmas Market in Bucharest

Bucharest Christmas Market

Another Christmas market worth mentioning and one of the Romanian tourist attractions for Christmas is The Bucharest Christmas Market. The fair will be filled with more than 100 wooden huts, 3,000 light bulbs and also a kilometer colored Christmas light. From there, you can buy traditional Christmas dishes, seasonal decorations, hand-made items, toys and accessories and  don’t forget about the mulled wine.

The Christmas Market from Bucharest is arranged and decorated in Viennese style, having that pronounced flavor of mulled wine, chestnuts, cake and orange.

Here you can also find Santa’s house, and that is the main attraction and joy for children willing to meet Santa. And if you want to be part of a humanitarian campaign, you have the chance to be kinder and donate toys, clothes or books for children that live in poverty.

As you can see, there are a lots of pleasant events and fun activities for you to enjoy. So if you are searching for Romanian tourist attractions in Christmas time, you will not regret if you decide to spend this important holiday in Romania with friends or family.

Would you like to share with our community some beautiful attractions for Christmas in your home country? Please feel free to post your comment below, and we will love to share it with the community.

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