We explain in this article what are, in short, the applicable rules for Romanian taxation of self-employment income, according to the current tax legislation, as applicable in 2021. Especially for those who plan to work as self-employed in 2021, we describe below the most relevant aspects of self-employment tax obligations.

Thus, in addition to the advantages that come with the supposed freedom of work that this form of business can bring, there are also a number of tax reporting and payment obligations. We describe below what those responsibilities are, and how the tax obligations of a self-employed individual must be fulfilled.

The main tax obligations of a self-employed individual in 2021 resume to a number of taxes which are due on the income derived during a year, and are largely similar to those tax obligations that a Romanian employer normally owes for its employees. But some of these taxes must be calculated depending also on the level of income that the freelancer earns during a tax year (calendar year).

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