As Romania has been through a steady increase in the number of COVID-19 cases recently, it seems that the incidence threshold of 3 per thousand has already been exceeded in many localities in the country.

As per the Romanian legislation currently in place, the continuation of school attendance with physical or online presence must be decided depending on the vaccination rate of teachers in each school, as already announced by the authorities. Given these circumstances, some of the schools in the country will probably close on Monday, 17 January, moving all courses online.

As established by applicable law, the continuation of courses must be done only online for all pre-university education units in which the internal staff is vaccinated for less than 60%.

However, schools can remain open to physical attendance in those schools in localities where the incidence rate is below 3/1,000, according to the same law. Thus, in such situation teaching activities can be carried out with the physical presence in pre-university education units, with strict observance of the health protection norms, regardless of the percentage of vaccination of the staff in the educational unit.

Over 50 schools in Bucharest will close and switch to online courses, as of this Monday

Romanian schools will transfer to online _Sorin Cîmpeanu
Sorin Cîmpeanu, Minister of Education

Romanian minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, has already announced that in Bucharest, which has already exceeded the incidence rate of 3 per thousand, there will be over 50 schools switching to online courses starting with Monday, 17 January.

Parents of children staying home and attending online courses can take paid days off

If children start attending online courses, parents of those children can request paid leave, based on specific regulations (provisions of Government Ordinance 110/2021). More exactly, one of the parents is allowed to request from his/her employer days off for the supervision of children when classes are suspended or limited due to SARS-CoV-2 virus diseases.

Nevertheless, those who are carrying their activity in a “work from home” regime cannot take paid leave based on the aforementioned specific regulations.

Parents who are entitled to this regime and choose to stay at home are also entitled to receive an allowance of 75% of their gross salary, but not more than 75% of the Romanian average gross wage (i.e. up to 4,571 lei, provided that, for 2022, the average gross wage is set at 6,095 lei).



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