Do you urgently need to extend the Romanian residency permit for secondment of a foreign citizen (from outside the EU)? Is the foreign citizen currently seconded to Romania, holding a work permit and residency permit valid for a limited period of 12 months? Given the legal limitation of the period of secondment for foreigners to a maximum of 12 months within 5 consecutive years, are you wondering what would be the best solution for extending the right to work and stay in Romania for the foreigner?

In this article we briefly explain the practical solutions for extending the right to work and the right to stay in Romania for a foreign citizen (from a non-EU country) who was seconded to Romania and whose Romanian residency permit for secondment is about to expire.

We will briefly detail the solutions that are available in practice, and the conditions under which it can be applied for each solution. We will also explain the differences between the existing options and the deadlines for submitting the applications, as well as for obtaining the work permit and the residency permit.

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