Romanian residence permit application for non-EU – family members

Need to get your Romanian family reunification residency permit fast and without headaches? Are you a national of any of the following countries: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon? Use our step-by-step guide for securing your long-term legal stay in Romania.
Romanian residence permit application for non-EU

Below is a simple-to-follow guide, prepared by our immigration experts having more than 15 years of experience working with the Romanian authorities.

Residency permit type: family reunification, married to Romanian citizen.

IMPORTANT: please read the instructions provided below under the “Important prerequisites” tab before using this guide. This way you can ensure it applies to your particular case.

This Romanian residence permit application guide is customized for nationals of the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines.

This guide can be used by nationals of the above listed countries who are already married to Romanian citizens.

What this means: Any individual having one of the above nationalities and who is legally married to a Romanian citizen has the right to apply for a Romanian residence permit for family reunification purposes. To obtain the Romanian residence permit, the foreigner must file an application with the Romanian Immigration Office which will have to include a specific list of documents.

Therefore, before proceeding with the application, the applicant must properly prepare all the required documentation for it. This is what our guide is able to help you with – i.e. explain all details you need, so you can properly prepare for the residency permit application, and avoid any rejection of the file by the immigration authorities.


  • the applicant must be legally married to the Romanian citizen, meaning that a valid Romanian marriage certificate must be available for the application; thus, if the marriage was concluded in a different country, a Romanian transcription of the foreign marriage certificate must be obtained (from the Romanian authorities) prior to the Romanian residency permit application;
  • the applicant must have available a place of living in Romania, and must prove the availability through documents – e.g. rental contract, ownership contract, accommodation contract, etc.;
  • the approval of the residency permit for family reunification can be refused if the authorities conclude that the application is based on a “formal marriage”; similarly, the application can be refused if the authorities assess the existence of  bigamy or polygamy;
  • the residency permit can be approved for a validity period of maximum 5 years.


Step-by-step guide
for nationals of: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon.

1. list of required documents – explained

a) Applicant’s valid passport

Please ensure that passport’s validity is of minimum 6 months from the date you plan to apply for the residency permit. Otherwise, we would recommend to apply for a new passport before initiating the residency permit application, as you risk a negative answer from the Romanian authorities.

b) Romanian travel visa stamped in your passport + copy

As national of a non-EU country, you have the obligation to obtain an entry visa from the Romanian consulate to be able to travel to Romania. Please note that, instead of the Romanian travel visa, a valid travel visa for any Schengen member country can also be used, if available. Schengen visa must have multiple entries.

c) Border checkpoint entry stamp + copy

A copy of the border checkpoint entry stamp showing your last entry in Romania must also be available.

d) Spouse’s valid Romanian ID

Please make sure the ID reflects new family name after marriage, if the case. Otherwise, your spouse’s Romanian ID will need to be renewed, so it reflects the new family name. This should be done before starting to prepare the residency permit application file.

e) Romanian marriage certificate

The marriage certificate must be issued by the Romanian authorities, either as transcript of a foreign marriage certificate, either as new Romanian marriage certificate (if marriage was not already formalized under other country’s laws, and will be formalized in Romania).

f) Accommodation in Romania

Proof of accommodation can be provided under one of the forms below:

  • rental contract, or
  • property documents from the address where you will be living in Romania, or
  • hotel accommodation confirmation for the entire period (if you will be living in a hotel).

If the accommodation contract reflects only your spouse’s name as the “Tenant/Lessee”, then a specific statement must be prepared and signed by your spouse confirming you are living together at the respective address – for details please refer to point g) below – “Notarized statements – explained”.

Once you ensure the documents are available as explained above, you will have to continue with the following steps:

g) Notarized statements – explained

Applicant must go to a Notary Public office and sign a notarized statement where he/she declares that the marriage with the Romanian citizen is the only marriage he/she has in place.

Also, if the applicant’s name is not reflected on the property documents/rental contract of the residing place in Romania – e.g. the agreement is signed only by spouse – then the spouse must also sign a notarized statement declaring that the applicant is residing together with him/her at that place. So, there will be 2 statements in total that will have to be signed.

NOTE: If the applicant doesn’t speak Romanian at all, the notary may request that a certified English translator be present when he/she signs the statement (this is the legal procedure). Therefore, you may need to arrange also with an English certified translator to assist you. But first, we recommend checking with the Notary Office if they can recommend a translator they usually work with.

Certified translators are generally charging the interpretation services by hour. Average hourly rate for English interpretation is around 150 – 200 lei.

h) Obtain medical certification of good health

You must obtain medical certification of good health from any medical doctor in Romania. The certificate must attest you are clinically healthy and that you do not endanger the public health.

The exact Romanian wording on the certificate must be: “Clinic sănătos. Nu pune în pericol sănătatea publică.” The certificate can be issued either by a public, or by any private medical clinic. To obtain it, you may be required to undergo some medical investigations.

i) Obtain health insurance for Romania

You must obtain health insurance for the Romanian territory. The insurance can be in the Romanian state health system, or a voluntary private health insurance policy, from any private insurance companies – e.g. Groupama, Omniasig, Generali, ASIROM, etc.

The insurance policy must cover the minimum basic medical urgency treatment, and a copy of the insurance agreement/policy will have to be included in the residency permit application file.

Please ensure the health insurance is valid for at least 3 months from the date you purchase it.

j) Pay residency permit tax

There is a budget tax you must pay for the residency permit. The tax for your specific type of permit is in amount of 259 LEI, and must be paid at any local branch of BCR Bank. Please remember the bank clerk who will process your tax payment that the payment must be done in the following account: CNIN RO10RNCB00822044172830514. If you do it online, please ensure you do the transfer in the above mentioned account, and that the applicant’s full name and passport details are specified in the payment order.

The payment receipt (in original)/payment order must be included in the residency permit application file. Please carefully check that your personal data (full name and passport number) is correctly reflected on the document.

Now, the final step will be submitting the residency permit application with the Romanian immigration authorities.

Before proceeding with the next steps, please ensure you have all of the above explained documents scanned under PDF format in advance, as well as in hard copies. All documents will have to be uploaded online during the online application, as described below. Each PDF document should not exceed the size of 5 MB.


Once the documents detailed above under points a) to j) are ready, it is time to take the final step: the residence permit application. The application must be done initially online, at the following link:

To do so, as first step you need to access the website and register for an account with a valid e mail address.

Again, please make sure you have all of the documents in the application file scanned under PDF format in advance! Each document should not exceed the size of 5 MB!

Once you log in, go to “My Applications” and select from the left side menu a new application for the purpose “Extension of the stay right for family reunification”. Please refer to print screen below for more details:

The application form will then open, where you will have to fill in your personal information (full name, date of birth, parents names, etc.), as well as the “Purpose details” and “Category”. For Purpose details please select “Family member of a Romanian citizen”, and for Category select “Foreign citizens married with Romanian citizens”. Please refer to print-screen below for more details:

Once you complete this step, you will have to move forward, where you will be asked to complete with information regarding: your passport, your last entry in Romania, information about your spouse, etc. You should have all this information available and shouldn’t be difficult to fill in.

Then, in the last section of the application you will have to upload each of the documents already described and explained above, including also a copy of the passport page having the check-border stamp of your last entry in Romania.

After uploading all the files, you will then have to click the “Save” button (in Romanian: “Salveaza”). Once you save, you will be directed to a page where you will need to review the application and send it for processing by clicking on the link “Transmite solicitare/Send application”. Please refer to print-screen below for more guidance on this step:

NOTE: Before finalizing the application, please click the button “Formular cerere” which is displayed as shown above, and print the application form that is automatically opened in PDF format. You will need to sign the application form and attach it to the application file in hard copy. You will have to submit it as part of the next step (“Physical submission and interview at the Romanian Immigration Office”).


Once the online application is finalized, there will be jut one final step remaining. The online application will be reviewed by the Immigration Office representatives and, if all ok, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to go and submit the entire file in hard-copy, together with all documents in originals (where the case). You will be invited for this on a scheduled date and time. Please notice that an interview may also take place.

NOTE: Both you and your spouse must be present when the application file is submitted physically with the local Romanian Immigration Office. So please schedule your agenda in advance.

To check the detailed address of the immigration authority’s local office in the county where you live, please go to the Romanian Immigration Office’s website:

Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration

Then , in the main menu please go to: About Us —> Organization —> Territorial formations.

A new page displaying the country’s map will have to open, where you will need to select the Romanian county/region where you are living. Then the authority’s detailed address will be shown. Please refer to print-screens below for more details:

Please ensure you arrive at the local Immigration Office on the date scheduled, with at least 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time!

Also, given that you are national of a country with high immigration risk, there are significant chances that both you and your spouse will be undergoing short interviews.

Therefore, we recommend preparing in advance for potential interviews that might be held with both you and your spouse by the immigration police inspector reviewing your file. The interviews will be held separately, and their questions will have the purpose of checking the background of your relationship. There may be questions such as: How and when did you meet him/her?, When did you go on a vacation last time?, Where did you marry?, What is his/her favorite meal?, etc.

Once you finalize the file submission and the interviews (if the case), you are done with the Romanian residence permit application. Now, you’ll just have to wait for the permit to be approved and issued by the authorities.

The residency permit may take approximately 60 to 90 days to be issued by the authorities. Very often, the deadline can be extended up to 90 days.

Florin Stoicescu

Florin Stoicescu

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