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Romanian residence for EU citizens: employed with Romanian company

This article covers the procedure applicable for obtaining Romanian residence for EU nationals who are employed by Romanian companies and live in Romania for at least 90 days.

As you may already know, for being able to move to, and live in Romania for a period or periods longer than 90 days, every EU citizen has the obligation to register with the Romanian Immigration Office. Although no work permit is required for EU citizens, they still have to register with the local immigration authorities. Following the registration, they are issued a registration certificate. Based on the registration certificate they can live in Romania for a period, or accumulated periods, of more then 90 days.

Depending on the purpose of stay in Romania (e.g., employment, international assignment, business, marriage, etc.) the EU citizen must fulfill specific requirements. Also, different type of documentation is required for having the Romanian residence registered with the local Immigration Office, depending on the purpose of stay in the country.

This article details the procedure and documents required for registering Romanian residence for EU nationals who are employed in Romania.

Required documents

We’ll first detail the list of documents that must be prepared for the application file, and explain the specific requirements for each of them.

1. The employment contract, signed with the Romanian employer

  • As per the Romanian legislation, to be considered valid, the contract must be signed by both parties (the employee and the employer)
  • In addition, the immigration authorities will want to see the contract in both original and copy
  • In the residence registration application file the contract can also be replaced with a certificate of employment issued by the company. Such certificate must always be in original.

2. Print-screen from the Electronic Registry of Employees (ReviSal)

  • you must do a print-screen of the section that reflects the status of the employment contract, in the Electronic Registry of Employees
  • the print-screen must then be signed and stamped by a representative of the company, and the document must be added to the application file.

3. The EU citizen’s national ID or passport

You don’t have to have both documents available. The foreigner must bring either of the two.

4. Application form

The application form is a standard one and you can download and print it from here.

Once all documents above are prepared and you have them on file, you can proceed with the online application of the registration of the Romanian residence. As preparation step, please get all documents in the application file scanned in PDF format (less the application form). The online submission of the file must be done on the Romanian immigration Office’s platform here. If you don’t have an online account yet, you must create one, using a valid email address.

After successfully completing the online submission, the last step will be to submit the file in physical format to the local Immigration Office. For this purpose, after verifying the documents submitted online, the immigration officers will notify you by e-mail of the date and time when you will be scheduled for physical submission at the counter. To submit the hard copy of the application file you must go to the Romanian Immigration Office in the county where the EU citizen established his/her address.

Generally, the registration certificate is issued by the authorities within the same day in the afternoon, or next day the latest. The document can be valid for a period of up to 5 years.

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