Romanian residence for EU citizens: employed with Romanian company

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Romanian residence for EU_employment

This article covers the procedure applicable for obtaining Romanian residence for EU nationals who are employed by Romanian companies and live in Romania for at least 90 days.

As you may already know, for being able to move to, and live in Romania for a period or periods longer than 90 days, every EU citizen has the obligation to register with the Romanian Immigration Office. Although no work permit is required for EU citizens, they still have to register with the local immigration authorities. Following the registration, they are issued a registration certificate which grants them the legal right of living in Romania. Based on the registration certificate they can live in Romania for a period, or accumulated periods, of more then 90 days.

Depending on the purpose of stay in Romania (e.g., employment, international assignment, business activities, marriage, etc.) the EU citizen must fulfill specific requirements and must provide different type of documentation. For example, someone who is family member of a Romanian citizen must provide the local Immigration Office with documentation proving the family member status, such as: marriage certificate, birth certificate, or other, depending on the case.

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