Romanian prime minister, Florin Cîțu, declared that Romania is ranked 6th in the EU according to the inflation rate registered in April 2021. The prime minister added that this is the result of economic measures taken by the current government.

He also specified that the Romanian authorities are preparing special measures for the post-pandemic period.

Before he had the meeting with Marcel Ciolacu (leader of the Social Democrats Party in Romania), Cîțu wrote on his Facebook page that, “in the former social democrats’ government, Romania had the highest inflation rate in the European Union three years in a row. More clearly, Romania led the top of the shame in the EU 3 years in a row, when the rate of inflation in the social democrat government has reached 5.4%, and even today the Social Democrats Party (PSD) members have not apologized to the Romanians for such a “performance.” Who knows, maybe today is the day they will apologize”, wrote the prime minister.

He also wrote that: “Today, Romania is ranked 6th in the EU with an inflation rate of 2.7%. We showed that we took the best measures to generate economic growth, the fastest economic recovery and we took Romania out of the top of shame. That means governing on liberal principles.”

The prime minister also announced that the government is preparing more measures for the post-pandemic period, which should ensure economic recovery, and he promised the country will have the best period in history from an economic point of view.

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