Are you a national of a country from outside the European Union, and need to get Romanian long-term visa for investment purposes? In this article we detail the procedural steps you will need to fulfil, as well as the required documents to get the long-term Romanian visa for investment purposes (visa type D/AC).

The immigration process for non-EU citizens who want to move to Romania is not straightforward, especially when you are planning to move to Romania on your own. It even gets more complicated if you want to make certain business investments, and need to prove you are a reliable entrepreneur, with a solid business investment plan.

If you are a citizen of a country from outside the EU and want to move to Romania for starting a new business here, you must know that, for the purpose of obtaining the necessary long-term visa and residency permit for business purposes you must follow some important procedural steps. We explain these steps below, in the chronological order they should be completed.

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