In case you didn’t know, as sign of consideration to the rights of religious minorities and their right to religious holidays, there are certain provisions in the Romanian labor legislation that oblige employers to grant special days off to employees of other religions on the occasions of holidays regulated by their religious cults.

Days off for all employees commonly regulated by the Romanian law:

Currently, the Romanian Labor Code provides under art. 139, para. (1) for public holidays to which any employee is allowed to have. These are mandatory and must be granted by the employer as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd of January;
  • 24th of January – Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities;
  • Good Friday, the last Friday before Easter;
  • The first and second day of Easter;
  • 1st of May;
  • 1st of June;
  • The first and second day of Pentecost;
  • Assumption of the Virgin Mary;
  • 30th of November – Saint Andrew the Apostle, the First Called, the Protector of Romania;
  • 1st of December (Romanian national day);
  • The first and second day of Christmas.

In addition to those listed above, two days must be added for each of the three annual religious holidays offered to employees of other religions.

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