Romanian bottled water, Aur’a, was granted the maximum distinction that can be offered to a food or drinking product, by the International Taste Institute in Brussels.

Water Aur’a is the first product in Romania to win this distinction (the Diamond Taste Award), which is the highest distinction that can be offered by the prestigious International Taste Institute in Brussels. The institute is an independent organization of gastronomic experts, chefs and sommelier dedicated to testing and promoting food and beverages.

The institute analyzes every year agri-food products from approximately 100 countries, in a competition of tastes.

The products are “blind tested”, meaning that the members of the jury have no previous information about the brand, the type of product or its origin. Each product that enters the competition is analyzed from an organoleptic point of view, applying an international evaluation system that takes into account five criteria: first impression, appearance, smell, taste, texture (in the case of food), and final sensation (in the case of beverages).

As result of this rigorous test, the International Taste Institute jury, made up of more than 200 members from 20 countries, chefs and sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants (such as El Bulli in Spain, and Le Jules Verne in France), or recognized by guides such as Michelin or Gault & Millau, gave Aur’a a score of 90.1%.

This prize certifies once again that Aur’a is a quality product that stands out for its taste, but also for its unique properties, having colloids of gold and silver, microbiological purity and high alkalinity – which make it an ideal water for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We are proud to hear that a Romanian product obtains this excellent award from a remarkable institute that analyzes thousands of products from almost all over the world.

Aur’a water comes from the Banat Mountains in Romania. The company that bottles it is located in Ocna de Fier commune, Caraş-Severin county, and has 100% Romanian capital, being owned by Timisoara businessmen Horațiu Rada and Eleodor Coptil. Aur’a is a naturally alkaline water with a pH of 8.25, that contains colloids of gold and silver and is bottled exclusively in glass packaging.

It is a premium product intended mainly for the HoReCa market in Romania and abroad. Abroad, Aur’a is already present in some hotels and restaurants in the USA, France, Great Britain, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Tenerife, and Italy.



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