Many of you may wondering why did HBO Max, the video streaming platform, remove most of the Romanian original content from its platform? For example, some of the Romanian produced series such as Ruxx, Umbre, Hackerville and One True Singer are no longer on HBO Max.

Well, it seams the reason is not one that relates to the Romanian original productions, but to totally other reasons of content restructuring on the HBO Max platform, which led to removal of other original productions as well.

More exactly, as some of you may know, there has recently been a merger between Warner Media and Discovery in mid-May, which are the companies that own HBO Max and Discovery+, two separate video streaming platforms. The merger resulted in one company – Warner Bros. Discovery – which took the decision to merge the content available on the HBO Max and Discovery+ platforms. With this move, the new company also announced new priorities in terms of content distribution.

According to some experts in the market, Warner Bros. Discovery is experiencing post-merger growing pains, which are normal to happen in any post-merger period of two huge companies. This has determined the media conglomerate to pursue restructuring of operations. And as part of its restructuring strategy, the company is cutting many original HBO productions in European countries such as: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, and Central Europe countries.

Cinema creators and actors protesting over HBO Max removed Romanian content

The decision generated a wave of criticism in the online environment, where a petition-manifesto was created that gives voice to the dissatisfaction of cinema and TV creators in Romania.

The company’s decision will have a significant impact on the local Romanian film and tv production market, as the partnerships that many had in place with HBO Max had been a great opportunity for growth. It was a good opportunity of accessing a wider audience and enabling the production of complex cinematic creations in Romania.



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