You can’t control what happens in traffic, but you can always avoid possible accidents if you drive carefully.

However, even if we take all safety precautions when we are in traffic, sometimes unforeseen situations can arise. If you or a friend of yours is involved in a car accident in Romania, here are some tips to help you manage the situation correctly. Whether they are only simple collisions, car accidents can generate significant stress, and even total panic for some of us.

Therefore, we thought useful to gather practical information on what you need to know in such an unpleasant situation, and the appropriate legal measures to take, and get over such an event more easily.

A car accident on Romanian roads usually meets at least two of the following conditions:

  • it happens on a Romanian public road;
  • it causes death or injury to one or more persons, or damage to at least one vehicle as a result of the car accident;
  • at least one moving vehicle is involved.

In case of a car accident in Romania, the Romanian Traffic Code establishes the legal obligations of the persons involved. There are different procedural steps in the case of a car accident, depending on its type.

Let’s clarify them one by one:

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