Do you need to get Romanian driving license as foreign citizen living in Romania? Applying for driving license in Romania is a basic right that is given to any individual. Anyone of the minimum legal age can request a license for any of the categories of vehicles they want to drive.

Holding a driving license is mandatory for most types of motorized vehicles, be it a regular car, a motorcycle, or even a scooter. 18 years is the minimum age to get Romanian driving license.

No matter of the age, the driver is called a “beginner” in the first year after obtaining the license. A beginner has to display a distinctive sign on the back window of the car and on the windscreen. This represents a yellow disk with a black exclamation mark. It’s a way to inform the other drivers that they have to be careful and patient with the beginner in traffic.

So, Romania has complex and specific laws and also obligations for driver’s license requirements that depends on different circumstances. If you plan to own a car in Romania or if you are a visitor in our country, then this practical guide is a must read.

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