Electric scooters are increasingly popular in Romania, especially in big cities, and among young people. In fact, they have become a symbol of modernity and youth culture. However, if you want to use an electric scooter in Bucharest, you must know there are some important aspects you should observe beforehand.

To avoid accidents or significant fines from traffic police, here are some tips to keep in mind when riding an electric scooter.

People riding electric scooters must observe similar traffic rules that are applicable for cars

The electric scooter is definitely a fast and easy means of transportation. In addition, in the crowed traffic of Bucharest, it can be an alternative to using personal car or classic public transport. And what’s more, it’s also environmentally friendly. However, be sure to ride it carefully and avoid moving vehicles, as well as cyclists or pedestrians on cycle paths.

Also, pay attention to the traffic lights, because, just like cars, electric scooters are not allowed to go through a red light. So you will always have to stop at the red light and wait until it turns green before you start moving.



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