Finding an apartment for a cheap rent in Bucharest is a real challenge, because it involves a rather complex process. You need to start your search early and take into account certain criteria that are most important to you: renting budget, neighborhoods or areas of the city, floor, property features, such as surface, number of rooms, view, furnishing, etc.

In Bucharest, like in other big cities under development, the real estate market is constantly evolving and changing. The vast majority of very good housing is rented through real estate agencies. That’s why it may prove very useful to seek for help from an experienced real estate agent. Which also means you’ll get access to a more comprehensive list of offers.

But if you decide to get help from a real estate agency, you should know that the agency also charges a commission, which is usually 50% or 100% of the first month’s rent value. Working closely with a single real estate agent and showing interest is important, because if the agent sees that you are really interested to rent a house, he will also invest more time to help you.

So, below we offer you some ideas on how to find cheap rent in Bucharest. First of all, it is useful if you can travel already to Bucharest, and be physically present here while you do the search. It may prove quite difficult for you to search from a distance, and it may be also difficult to engage a real estate agent. Here are the steps we advise to follow if you want to find good rent in Bucharest.

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