The City Hall of Bucharest will refuse to approve large residential building projects that do not include access for their residents to properly finished roads and to schools. Each project will have to include these facilities from scratch, otherwise they risk rejection. Bucharest city mayor, Nicușor Dan, announced that in Bucharest there are currently approximately 20 blocks under construction that lack these facilities, and that will have to be demolished.

Facilities such as proper roads, schools and kindergartens will have to be built by developers on their own costs

He also declared that Bucharest City Hall’s Urbanism Department will be mandated to discuss with each residential project developer to ensure that they assume all required facilities in the building of the project, and on their own costs.

Starting October this year, a commission of urban planners from Bucharest city hall recently analyzed the documents for dozens of new residential projects. They came to the conclusion that almost none of them meet these requirements. Thus, the city hall will probably reject most of the projects that are currently under their assessment. The mayor compared all these projects with ghettos.

According to public information, approximately 42 new projects were analyzed by the commission. All these projects are planned to be built in Bucharest. The oldest of these projects were submitted for approval to Bucharest city hall back in 2020. According to mayor’s announcement, most of them will be rejected because they do not comply with the aforementioned rules.

As per the rules in force, every Bucharest resident must dispose of minimum 20 sqm of green area

For example, as per the building rules established by law, between two blocks there must be a distance of at least half of the blocks’ height. Also, each resident must dispose of at least 20 square meters of green area. Therefore, all developers are invited to review their projects according to all these rules.

Each real estate developer will have to discuss and agree with the City Hall’s Urbanism department, and ensure that their projects include all the mandatory facilities. Those who do not meet all these standards will be rejected, or their building authorization will be cancelled (if already issued).

Urban planners that analyzed the ongoing projects declared that in some of the real estate projects built in recent years in Bucharest lives the population of a city the size of Predeal. But unlike Predeal, these new neighborhoods have no schools, no kindergartens, and no proper access roads.

For many of them, the building plans are inferior to those of neighborhoods built 50 years ago, such as Balta Albă or Drumul Taberei, say the specialists. Many of them do not even have parking spaces. Even worse than that, some parking lots in the basements have been rebuilt into apartments.

For approximately 20 such blocks under construction, there are currently approved decisions for demolition.

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