Risk of significant fines if car windows not clean – Romanian driving legislation updated

Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work in the morning or to drive your children to school or kindergarten? And though your windscreen was fully covered with ice or snow, you just cleaned the driver's side of the screen and hit the road?
Romanian driving legislation updated

Or have your car windows been covered with bird droppings that you could barely clean?

Well, those days will have to be left behind, says the Romanian Traffic Police, otherwise, you will be risking significant fines and penalty points. This is a new legislative measure part of a recent broader amendment of the Romanian Traffic Code.

Significant fines introduced for driving with unclean car windows, as part of a Romanian driving legislation amendment

If their car windows are not clean while driving, Romanian police officers will be able to sanction the drivers with fines of almost 1,200 lei. This is a new legal measure included in an ordinance aimed at amending the Romanian Traffic Code and which was published a few days ago.

The possibility of imposing fines to drivers who don’t keep their car windows clean will apply as of this month – more exactly, as of February 27.

Specifically, as of February 27, traffic police officers will be able to sanction non-compliance with the obligation to permanently keep clean the windshield, rear window and side windows of vehicles, or any agricultural vehicles, or tractors, if it restricts or blurs visibility while driving.

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This is a new contravention introduced in the Romanian Traffic Code, among others, as part of the Government Ordinance 1/2022, which was published in the Official Gazette a few days ago.

Thus, those driving their cars with dirty windows after 27 February 2022 will risk fines that according to the law fall into the third class of sanctions, and will be penalized with 6 to 8 penalty points, as well as with fines between 870 and 1,160 lei.

The newly introduced Ordinance does not provide detailed instructions on the level of visibility the driver must ensure. However, we can think of windows covered with mud, thick dust, thin ice, snow or any other substance that can restrict or blur driver’s visibility.

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