Has your Romanian residency permit expired during the lock-down period of state of emergency? Are you worried about this issue and don’t know if you can still stay in Romania under this circumstances, or whether you can still extend your permit since the expiration date has already passed?

As Romania has been through state of emergency restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic, most of the authorities in our country were forced to limit the direct interaction of the state employees with the citizens. Other institutions decided to suspend the activity completely, or partially suspend the activity of some departments. Under these circumstances, within the 60 day period of restrictions, many of us have been under impossibility of extending their immigration documents with the Romanian Immigration Office, for example.

Thus, we are briefly explaining below what happens if your personal Romanian immigration documents (such as your residency permit, residence registration certificate, or any temporary immigration documents) expired during the state of emergency period, and what is the legal deadline applicable for extending them at this point.

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  1. Amritpal singh Reply

    Respected sir, my name is Amritpal Singh.I was working in Bacau city Romania.Because of Corona virus our owner told us that now there is no more job for us in his company.N after that his company shut down.He gave me NOC paper to all of us to join another company.After that we were looking for another company.For that purpose we spent one n half month to find another job.Because on time there was strickness of Corona virus.N after 1.5 months later I find a job in construction company.we started work and I asked my boss for paper work.our boss told us that now official work is closed because of Corona virus.it will take time.And we working on the site and asked for paper.I gave my boss mobile number.After that they took us to police station for the Inquiry.On that day in the evening one of police officer came to me n told me that it’s your golden chance.If next time we found you on work you would be deported.And after that we came at room n we stopped work.After 12 days there is one call on my phone from the police station for to come in the police station.And that day they g gave us deportation letter.I request soo many times.But they refused.sir almost half month going to finish.we don’t have money to eat n for accommodation.And embassy is saying that you have to leave Romnia with in 30 days at your own airplane ticket.Sir how it’s possible even we are jobless from the last four month.Even now there is very critical condition in India because of Corona virus.Sir,please ask to here government about this matter.we will find a new job please give us few days.

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