Renting an apartment in Cluj – the best areas and prices

Have you found a new job in Romania and want to move to Cluj-Napoca and rent an apartment in this city? It's important to understand from the very beginning which are the most sought-after neighborhoods and the rental prices in each of them.
renting an apartment in Cluj

But which area could provide you with the best commodities for your particular lifestyle?

In this article we describe the best areas where you could move, and the prices for renting an apartment in Cluj.

Cluj-Napoca – a magnet for young people and high rents

Cluj-Napoca (in short, Cluj) is one of the Romanian cities that manages to attract young people and people from every region of the country, as well as from abroad, like a true magnet. Cluj officially has 21 neighborhoods, the largest being Gheorgheni, Grigorescu, Mănăștur, Mărăști, Iris, Dâmbul Rotund, Someșeni, Becaș and Iris. The neighborhoods of Plopilor, Borhanci, Europa, Bună Ziua or Sopor have experienced an accelerated development in recent years, offering a high development potential.

The average budget for renting a one-room apartment in Cluj increased during last few years, reaching approximately 300-350 euros per month. While the price for a two-room apartment starts from 400 – 450 euros, and can reach up to 700 euros per month. Three-room apartments are rented out from 450 to over 1000 euros per month, depending on the area.

Central square in Cluj (Piața Unirii), with Church of St. Michael in the middle, and the statue of Matthias Corvinus to its right.

Andrei Mureșanu neighborhood

Do you want to live in the central area, but not very close to the center? Then you can choose the Andrei Mureșanu neighborhood. It is a small neighborhood close to the city center. Here you find houses with a bohemian look, but also apartment blocks. The area is quiet, with many green spaces, children’s play areas, pharmacies, banks and restaurants.

Living just a few steps away from the downtown area gives you a major advantage. You will have immediate access to medical and educational institutions, shops of all kinds, museums, and lots of cafes and restaurants.

Regarding the prices for renting an apartment in Cluj in the Andrei Mureșanu area, although they are high, you have all the comfort you want. For a two-room apartment, prices start at 400 euros/month, 600 euros/month for a 3-room apartment, while to rent a 4-room apartment you will probably pay up to 1,000 euros/month.

Grigorescu neighborhood

The Grigorescu neighborhood is considered one of the safest neighborhoods of Cluj where you can move. It is located in the western part of the city, in the suburbs. Also to the west, the neighborhood continues with a vast green area, perfect for walking and relaxing in the fresh air. In this area is located the famous Hoia-Baciu forest (known for its association with paranormal phenomena, according to stories of the locals), an area where you will find deep peace.

The Grigorescu neighborhood is known for its areas with houses and villas, fewer blocks and low number of inhabitants. This is a major advantage if you plan to live in a quiet area. Here you will find everything, from restaurants, banks, pharmacies, to hypermarkets and natural fruit and vegetable markets. Also, from here you can easily reach the city center and any other area of ​​Cluj.

A two-room apartment in the Grigorescu district is rented for 350 euros/month, a 3-room apartment for 400 euros/month, while a 4-room apartment can cost up to 600 euros/month. Of course, prices vary depending on the conditions offered by each apartment.

Mănăștur neighborhood

Do you love living in busy areas with lots of people, shopping malls, parks and restaurants? Then choose the Mănăștur neighborhood. It is a huge neighborhood, where you will find everything you want. It is located on the outskirts of the city, and because of its location, the commuting to the central area, where most of the public institutions, universities and offices of IT companies are located, can sometimes be difficult due to traffic congestion.

The Mănăștur neighborhood is close to the Făget Forest, where you can relax on your free days at a picnic in nature. Around your block you can have the luck of finding multiple green areas and children play spaces, which may prove very useful if you have a family with children.

The cost for renting an apartment in the Mănăștur area starts from 250 euros/month for a one-room apartment, and increases as the conditions and the number of rooms increase. Thus, a two-room apartment costs on average 345 euros/month, while a three-room apartment can reach up to 450 – 500 euros/month.

Zorilor neighborhood

The Zorilor neighborhood is a small but chic neighborhood in the southern area of ​​Cluj. It is located close to the “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, but also to the Faculties of Geography or Geology. Also, one of the largest companies in Cluj, Sykes, operates here, where you can easily find a job. The Zorilor neighborhood is close to the center of Cluj, so you can easily reach it both by public transport, by car or on foot.

In this area you will also find houses and villas, but also blocks where you can rent an apartment in Cluj, at decent prices. Green spaces are not missing either, finding them everywhere. In the neighborhood you have supermarkets, banks, restaurants, kindergartens, schools, the agro-food market, private and state clinics, but also the Astronomical Observatory, if you are passionate about the stars.

If you want to rent a one-room apartment, you should know that the prices vary between 270 and 300 euros/month. For two-room apartments the average prices are around 450-500 euros/month, and for a 3-room apartment, prices can exceed 600 euros/month.

Gheorgheni neighborhood

The Gheorgheni neighborhood is a neighborhood located in the central-eastern area of ​​Cluj. Although it is not very big, it a lot of people have settled here. The neighborhood is quite close to the center, you can even reach it on foot in just 25 minutes, but also by car or public transport, in just a few minutes. In the area you will find many green spaces, shops, playgrounds, but also the Faculty of Economic Sciences and several IT companies. One of the city’s malls, Iulius Mall, is also located here, as well as the Gheorgheni Sports Complex where you can play your favorite sports.

As in the other districts, the price to rent an apartment in Cluj, in this area, varies quite a lot. If for a one-room apartment you will have to prepare an average monthly amount of 300 euros, for two rooms the prices can reach up to 600 euros/month, while for a 3-room apartment the rent is close to 1000 euros/month.

Thus, if you have decided to rent an apartment in Cluj, the most sought-after areas remain the traditional ones. They are preferred by both students and those who choose to move to the city for work, due to their proximity to the central area and easy access to shopping centers, shops, hospitals, universities and companies.

Otherwise, if you haven’t decided to move, and would just like to visit Cluj for a short period before deciding, you might be interested to read our article on places you can visit: Best places to visit in Cluj this year.

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