Looking for best advice on rental income taxation in Romania? Are you trying to get some tips on efficient reporting of your rental income in Romania, and still can’t get it? In this article our team of tax consultants will provide best practical tips for rental income reporting in Romania, so you can apply the most efficient tax reporting methods. And in the same time, you will be able to report your rental income correctly, and comply with the latest changes in the Romanian tax law.

Rental income taxation in Romania – applicable tax rates

Rental income generated from renting out any type of dwelling place – e.g. apartment or house – is an income subject to taxation in Romania. According to the Romanian tax law provisions, the income derived from rent is included in the broader category of “income generated from the assignment of use of goods”. Thus, as per the tax law in force, individuals who obtain such income have certain tax reporting obligations toward the Romanian tax authorities (ANAF).

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