Registering a foreign car in Romania – what you need to do

Have you just moved to Romania and want to bring your personal car here? According to the rules established by the Romanian law, if you have already registered your legal residence in Romania or are about to register it, you also have the obligation of registering your foreign car, if you want to use it here.
foreign car in Romania

The registration of a foreign car must be done within 90 days of bringing your car into the country.

In this article we will explain the main steps you need to follow for your foreign car registration in Romania, and the necessary documents you need to prepare, regardless of whether you come from an EU or non-EU member country.

Registering a foreign car in Romania – mandatory within 90 days from the date of the vehicle’s entry into the country

Permanent registration of a vehicle in Romania is mandatory if you intend to establish your legal residency or domicile here. According to Romanian legislation, if the vehicle is registered in another state, your right to put it into circulation is not limited, in the situation where you have not established your legal residency or domicile on the territory of Romania. However, this right is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of entry of the vehicle into the country, if you have already established your legal residence in Romania.

Translation of documents for vehicle registration

Before registering your car, you will need to have all the car’s documents translated into Romanian. The legalized translation into Romanian of the documents proving the origin of the car is absolutely mandatory, regardless of the country of origin of the car. The car’s identity card, title deed and registration certificate are among the documents that must be translated and legalized. Translation and legalization of the documents is always done with an authorized translation office.

When you go to the Romanian local Directorate for Driving Licenses and Car Registration (“DRPCIV”) with the registration file, you must make sure that you have the original property documents and legalized translations of them.

So, for preparing your registration file, the first step you must undertake is to prepare legalized translations of all the car’s documents mentioned above.

Documents required for the issuance of the temporary car registration

Until the final registration is obtained, in Romania, vehicles with foreign numbers can be temporary registered (with red numbers). The temporary registration of a foreign car in Romania is usually valid for 30 days. The red numbers of the car actually represent the proof of the temporary registration, which allows for driving the car legally on Romanian public roads.

Thus, for obtaining the temporary car registration, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • application form – you can find it on the official website of the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Car Registration (“DRPCIV”);
  • copy of the mandatory auto civil liability insurance contract (RCA);
  • the documents attesting the ownership of the vehicle, in the original and in a copy, both in the original language and the translated and authorized one;
  • registration documents issued by the foreign authorities in the country where the vehicle was registered, in original and in copy.
  • your identity document, in original and copy;
  • proof of payment of the fee for the temporary authorization – 13 RON;
  • proof of payment of the fee for the temporary car plates – 40 RON.

Where can you pay your car registration fees?

All car registration related fees, described above and below in the lists of required documents, can be paid both online, on giș or on the official DRPCIV’s website, as well as at any SelfPay Payment Stations in the country. The fees can also be paid in cash, at the local State Treasury, or in one of the dedicated accounts opened at CEC Bank.

Obtaining the authorization from the Romanian Automotive Register and the Technical Inspection authorization

No matter if you moved to Romania from an EU or non-EU member country, for registering a foreign car in Romania you will first definitely have to make an appointment at the Romanian Automotive Register (Registrul Auto Român – RAR). RAR will issue the vehicle identity card (CIV), after its approval. RAR will also carry out the first technical inspection (ITP) of your car. The RAR verification will certify the authenticity of the vehicle. To perform these procedures, it is necessary to schedule the appointment in advance at the Romanian Automotive Register.

Obtaining RAR and ITP authorizations costs 650 RON for a car, and for this you will need a series of documents:

  • your identity document;
  • RAR activity request – completed in the presence of the RAR employee who performs the check;
  • Car’s registration document from the country of origin;
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by the vehicle manufacturer, which certifies that the vehicle meets the standards and requirements established by the European Council and can circulate in the European Union.
Final registration of the car

You will be able to permanently register a foreign car in Romania only after you have obtained all the necessary documents from RAR. And this time, you will have to make an appointment online on the official website of the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Car Registration (“DRPCIV”), depending on the county where you live in Romania.

After registration, you will also have to declare the vehicle in the tax records of the tax office responsible for local taxes, in the area where you reside.

For permanent registration, you will need the following documents:

  • registration application. If other persons will be listed in the registration certificate, the application must also include their data;
  • proof of registration in the records of the local tax office – the tax attestation certificate;
  • proof of payment of the registration certificate fee – 49 RON;
  • your identity document, in original;
  • copy of the RCA insurance contract, concluded in the name of the vehicle owner, within the validity period;
  • the document certifying the right of ownership, in original and in copy, registered in the Registry of means of transport subject to registration in Romania (at the town hall);
  • Vehicle identity card, in original and copy;
  • Certificate of authenticity of the vehicle issued by RAR;
  • Proof of carrying out the periodic technical inspection (ITP), within its validity period;
  • Registration documents issued by the foreign authorities, in original;
  • Foreign plates with the registration number;
  • Proof of payment of the registration number plates – 40 RON for random numbers or 90 RON for preferential ones.

Please remember that vehicle registration when you change your residence to Romania is mandatory. If you do not register your foreign car in Romania, once you have changed your address, within the legal term stipulated by the law, most likely, in addition to the fine, you risk the suspension of registration and license plates.

In addition, once you have registered your car, and especially if you are not a very experienced driver, we recommend also getting a CASCO insurance. Such insurance can provide comprehensive coverage for your car, and can help cover the cost of repairs or replacement in case of damage or loss. It can be particularly useful if you have a new or expensive car, as the cost of repairs or replacement can be high in case of accident.

This article provides general guidelines on the the process of registering a foreign car in Romania. Please note that the process may vary depending on your specific situation. It’s essential to do your research and consult with the appropriate authorities to ensure that you are following all necessary steps and procedures.

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