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How to register a new company in Romania

Need to register a new company in Romania?

The company formation procedures in Romania are not straightforward, as the Romanian legislation is generally requiring a long list of conditions to be fulfilled, and documentation to prepare. The long list of paperwork and the complex procedure is what makes things difficult when embarking on the journey of a Romanian startup.

In this article we’re explaining a short list of most important aspects you should know for setting up a new company in Romania. Aspects such as: what type of company is most frequently used, do I need a physical address for the company, conditions to be fulfilled, documents to be prepared, etc. Feel free to contribute to our article (by leaving a comment below) if you have some practical experience in this area.

Now let’s dive into details.

Who can start a company in Romania?

As per the Romanian company incorporation law, anyone can start a company in Romania, irrespective of their nationality. Both EU or non-EU citizens are allowed to set up a business in Romania. Of course, depending on the foreigner’s specific situation, or on the position of the foreigner in the future company, additional documents may be required by the authorities.

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