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Do-it-yourself Guide: for US citizens who want to obtain Romanian driving license (by exchange)

Applicability: holders of US driving licenses

Guide for US citizens to obtain Romanian driving license

Ultimate DIY guide detailing the procedure for US citizens who want to obtain Romanian driving license by exchange. The guide describes all documents and steps legally required for having your US driving license exchanged by the Romanian authorities.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Important Details below before purchasing the guide.


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  • Important details
  • Useful to know
  • The DIY guide to obtain Romanian driving license above is applicable only for holders of US driving licenses. Also, the guide was prepared for US citizens that live in Romania for more than 6 months.
  • You have the obligation to exchange your US driving license to a Romanian one (and will be able to do it) only if you establish your legal residence in Romania. In practice this entails obtaining a Romanian residency permit.
  • The equivalent Romanian driving license will provide you with the same driving license categories you have on the US one.
  • If you need to get other types of driving license categories, you will need to follow different procedures. Some of the procedures may entail having to pass additional driving exams.
  • Please be aware that, if your foreign driving license isn’t still valid, or if it is suspended under the US laws, you will not be able to exchange to Romanian driving license.
  • Romanian authorities recognize and exchange US driving licenses without the requirement for holder to take the driving test.
  • Driving licenses issued by Romania are valid for:
    • 5 years - applicable to categories: C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE, Tr, Tb, Tv
    • 10 years - applicable to categories: AM, A1, A2, A, B, B1, BE.
  • Mandatory minimum age for obtaining a driving license in Romania is as follows:
    • 16 years for categories: A1, AM and B1
    • 18 / 24 years for categories: A2, C1, C1E, Tr, A, B, BE, D, DE, Tb and Tv.