Are you looking for an option to pay the Romanian road tax (“rovinieta”) by other means than directly at the gas stations? Well, of course you do… if this makes it easier and quicker… The next question is: are there any such options, and, if there are, what are those?

Well, we have good news for you: there are two alternatives to pay the Romanian road tax (in Romanian “rovinieta”) in addition to the “classical” one – which involves paying at the cash registers of the gas stations. These are: paying by SMS or paying online.

If you choose the payment option via SMS, this can be done in 2 simple steps, as detailed below. What you should know is that the SMS payment option limits the validity of your vignette to the minimum available period. For regular cars this is for 7 days.

So, if you want your Romanian vignette to have a validity longer than 7 days right from the start, you should buy it online (please see below the detailed steps for online payment). Of course, you can extend it beyond 7 days later, through another SMS purchase, but this can become expensive and annoying in time.



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