Authorities have announced that pandemic restrictions may be lifted in Bucharest starting this weekend if the infection rate remains below 3 per thousand inhabitants.

More precisely, Traian Berbeceanu, the prefect of Bucharest, announced on Wednesday that restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and gambling halls in Bucharest may open as of Saturday, 23 of January, but only on the condition that the infection rate in Bucharest remains below 3 per thousand inhabitants.

Traian Berbeceanu explained that the infection rate, which fell below 3 per thousand on Wednesday, must keep at this level for additional two days, so the authorities can waive the restrictions.

“The regulations that are currently in force stipulate that, within 48 hours, we must monitor the incidence index and, in the happy situation in which the incidence will be less than 3 per thousand tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow we will convene the Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations and we will propose the adoption of a decision to relax some of the measures in force “, said Traian Berbeceanu.

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If the case, the pandemic restrictions will be lifted starting with 00:00 on Saturday, 23 of January.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the measures concerned also include:

  • permitting the functioning within a maximum capacity of 30% of all performance halls and cinemas;
  • reopening “indoor” activities, such as: restaurants, bars, cafes, etc., up to a maximum of 30% of their capacity;
  • allowing the activities of gambling operators with the public, within the same limit of 30% of their available space.

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